ice, ice baby

(I am currently chowing down Cheez-Its, AGAIN, while writing this post...why are they SO crazy good!?)

School has officially been cancelled for the rest of the week.

Last night was really the first time I've been out of the apt. since all of this hit, and I was really shocked by how bad it truly was. There are entire trees that have just crumbled, power lines are hanging in roadways, and the city is a lot darker than it usually is. Over half a million people are still without power (and some are still losing it!) Apparently the town I teach in is completely black. They are saying it will probably be at least 10 days before everyone has power. 2 of the other interns are without power. Justin, the preaching intern, is from Louisville and is living with his family and they have been without since yesterday morning. His mom and sisters are staying with family, and we offered him a place to stay but he said he'd go home with his stepdad and hold down the fort. Last night all of us were getting a little stir crazy so Julie, like always, was wiling to open her home. We made hamburgers on the George Foreman and played RockBand and Nertz and Wii... we were like little kids again enjoying a snow day!Shane and Meagan (guitar and drums) went home to their apartment with power, only to wake up to...NO POWER! This makes me a little nervous. Ours flickered again this morning, but so far we're holding strong! We've offered them our air bed and our living room for the time being.

I wanted to get out and take some pictures today (the roads really aren't bad at this point, don't worry), however, I did not want to spend the 40 minutes that it probably would have taken to de-ice and snow my car (It has 4 days worth of stuff on it!) I did snap a few pictures as we left Julie's last night though, and even though it is dark, you can see how thick the ice is. The first one is a picture of her back porch (there are not usually tree limbs resting on it!)So, tonight Brent and I will pray that our power will remain and will stay safe and warm (with a box of cheez-its in tow!)


Anonymous said...

Well hey there miss stay at home teacher girl! :) Thank you for your card...you are such a gift to me!! I have been thinking about you so much this week with all the nasty weather. :( Today the kids are free reading (ahhhh blessed day!) and my student teacher is gone working TEC, so I can write without guilt, you see. :) I miss you, girl! I hope all is well, and I pray the spring thaw will come soon. :) Hugs from Iowa-Trish

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...why anonymous??? I can't remember my blogger password...Hmmm..has it been too long?? I shall work on my blog today...maybe... Love you!

Trish Sandbulte...not some random stalker. :)

Micah Wolf said...

love the new background. I am thinking about going back to that site and changing mine again. I didn't realize when I picked it out that there were rhinestones....13 days! can't wait to see you.

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