snow daze

Today I welcomed with wide open arms my first official snow day as a teacher (a licensed teacher that is, as I had several snow days back in OC as a student teacher). At 6:30 when my alarm went off I turned on my cell phone and noticed that I had a text message. I don't text frequently so I opened it up and sure enough it was a teacher that I work with and the message said: "Enjoy your first official snow day!" I jumped out of bed (okay, that's a little ambitious...I slowly and lethargically rolled my body out of bed), and looked out the window:
(No, don't squint, it is not still snowing in this picture...it stopped snowing at about 10 pm).

I went back and reread the text message (because I really don't trust my brain that early in the morning). The teacher who sent it likes to mess with people, so before I trusted the text I clicked on the local news. Sure enough: No School. Hmmm. I wasn't going to complain. I crawled back in bed, turned off my alarm and easily fell back asleep on this cloudy Monday.

We are supposed to get about 1 to 3 inches tonight, so everyone says it is a safe bet we won't have school tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

So after sleeping in I made pancakes for Brent and me (he didn't have to go in until noon since he has volleyball league games on Monday nights). He devoured four and I barely ate two (This is a phenomenon to me: to watch men eat pancakes. I don't understand how that much batter can sit in their stomach and yet they feel the need to eat more! I eat one bite and am filled to the rafters it seems...Brent did feel pretty disciplined though that he stopped himself at four?!) I then lounged, read, balanced our checkbook, shaved my legs (trust me, it needed to be done), and then headed off to the gym/church. I worked out for about an hour (and could then barely walk down the steps to leave the building...so don't be too impressed), and went over to the cafe at the church where our friend Meagan works. She may or may not have given me a free white mocha (depending on who is reading this), and I read there for awhile. I then returned home to set out some ground beef for the burgers I plan to make tonight and then I will settle in for an all new Jon and Kate Plus 8 (have I mentioned I'm addicted to this show/family -- I figure it sounds less creepy if I say show...AND I'm really excited because they are moving into their NEW house tonight! :)

Hopefully I will watch the snow begin to fall outside, will hear the cries of the panicking all around, and will fall asleep with the comfort that I will probably get to do this all again tomorrow. Bliss.

***For those of you that did have to suffer and go to work on Monday I in no way, shape, or form meant to patronize you or belittle you by publishing this post. This post was only meant to inform you of how I spent my day...and just remember, I will reap the results of this day in JUNE!

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Anonymous said...

SNOW DAY???!!! It was nothing but a light dusting! Man, here in northwest Iowa a snow like that MIGHT make some people actually take off their sandals and wear shoes. Reading that makes me feel quite hardy.