a new year...

A friend of mine posted this on her facebook and I thought it would be a fun way to reflect back on 2008, a year of CHANGE in my life.

Where did you begin 2008?Quietly with Brent and his parents at his home.

What was your status by Valentine's Day?Engaged.

Did you have to go to the hospital? A few times-- once just this past Thanksgiving for strep! :)

Did you have any encounters with the police?Yes, my dad got accepted to the Highway Patrol...so I would say I've had some close encounters ;)

Where did you go on vacation?Colorado on our honeymoon (and Nashville for the 4th of July!)

Did you know anybody who got married?Of course, I'm 22...a couple come to the forefront of my mind though: such as Renae and Jared, and Brent and me

What sporting events did you attend?Northwestern ladies winning the national championship! Louisville Bats games, derby races at churchhill downs, and church league softball and basketball games.

Where do you live now? Louisville, KY - who would have thought!

Describe your birthday?One of the best...Renae planned a big surprise party for me and my friend Jenny took me out to coffee as a decoy after we got done student teaching that day.she brought me back to my apartment where about 25 of my friends from college were gathered, all who had pitched in to give me a 100 dollar giftcard to Borders and a 50 dollar gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I was blown away by their thoughtfulness and that Renae had managed to make it all happen!! It was wonderful!

What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2008?Taught 8th graders.

Any new additions to your family?BRENT!

What was your best month?The middle of May to the middle of June...that counts as a month, right? Graduation, weddings, my wedding, honeymoon...family and friends galore!

Any regrets?Not realizing how much I would miss Northwestern and my friends before I left the place.

What do you want to change in 2009?I'm not quite sure, but I'm sure a lot will change. I would like to feel more settled no matter what happens. I would also like my trust in God to change...become deeper.

Overall, how would you rate this year on a scale of 1 to 10? January through April: 8.5, May through June: 10. 5!, July- August: 6.5, September through October: 2, November through December: a steady 7.5. (Yeah, it's been a roller coaster of emotions).

Have any life changes in 2008? Better question would be did anything remain the same?...

Change your hairstyle?Drasticlly...figured everything else was different- why not!?!

Get a new job?Of course, because that's another one of the major stress factors people can have, and I wanted to cover all the bases...teaching 8th graders! :)

.How old did you turn this year?22

Did anything embarrassing happen?Probably.... I know I accidently cussed in front of my Seniors when student teaching trying to say "SHEET of paper"... and I know I've had my fair share of slip ups with the 8th graders...but I roll on :)

Be honest - did you watch American Idol?First season I ever watched--and it was a guy from MO who won!

Start a new hobby?Watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 and playing cards and Scrabble with friends.

Drank Starbucks in 2008?Yes, only when I have gotten gift cards though. (thanks Micah :) --and some random students!)

Are you happy to see 2008 go?Bittersweet I suppose...it was the end of a lot of great things in my life, but the beginning of more.

What school did you go to?Northwestern...and then South Oldham Middle!

What's something that you shouldn’t have done but enjoyed doing?Not using the summer to prepare for the fall school year, but instead going to the pool in our apartment complex almost ever single day (mainly because I was going stir crazy by July but knew no one and knew where nothing was!)

Did you change much?Leaps and bounds, my friends, LEAPS and BOUNDS!

Are you happy with who you have become?I'm still me...just a little further down the grown up spectrum...so sure. It sometimes hurts to change that much though.

Did you fall in love?I already was in love...

Did you kiss anyone?Once or twice.

Did you go to any camps?Camp? Uh, no. Unfortunately that season in my life has withered away...but I know I thought about my days at camp at least a few times this year.

Did you see any movies at the theatres?I think three. I can remember two, and I'm sure there was at least one more. We don't go much.

What's a song you were hooked on? Come and Listen, by David Crowder. My friend Becker pointed it out to me when I was trying to think of songs for when the wedding party would walk down the aisle...it was perfect, and Becker sang :)

Did you go to the beach?Nope. But Kali is at one while I type this...jealous.

Did you get really dressed up for anything?I had a gig in June.

What are some inside jokes for the year?"Did you just fake Nerts!" "It is a little warm in here!"

What is the funniest thing that happened? I have been way too blessed to be surrounded by people who make me laugh frequently-- a few I recall: many late nights with Renae, who knows what was so funny: The first night we hung out with Shane and Meagan: A lot of my students: and Becker's story about a kid with a lisp at her daycare who said, "Misth Elithabeth, I justh bonked my penisth on the blue pole over there...can I get an icthe pack or sthomething?"

What is the saddest thing that happened?Moving away from everything and everyone that was familiar.

What is something that really made you smile? Brent. Constantly. :) (and just recently Aunt Linda's surprise visit!!!)

What are your plans for New Years?We spent New Year's at my house with Jess, Becker, Jenny, Brandon, Paige and my parents. It was SO great to laugh with old friends again.

Think back to the beginning of the year and now think of now what’s different?New city, new apartment, new marriage, new friends, new job, new loans, new directions, new hair, new last name....

What’s the same? Same great God in charge of it all, same great man beside me through all the change.

How was your last winter?Bitterly cold in the gusting below zero wind of northwest Iowa, but wonderfully simple and peaceful.

Spring? The snow finally melted in April, I believe, I finished student teacher (what a WONDERFUL experience), Brent and I decided to move to Kentucky, I got a job, and graduated.

Summer? Married off one of my best friends, married one of my best friends, moved away from most friends, unpacked, unpacked, nested, went to the pool and read books.

Fall? Hard... but good to go through with Brent. We made some great friends too and FINALLY felt a little bit more settled with our jobs.

Was 2008 your best year? I have no idea...a lot of really great things happened though! I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2009 though and constantly trying to remember what Jim Elliot said: Wherever you are BE ALL THERE; live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.

May you all have a happy and blessed New Year!! It sure was great to see some of you over the holidays!

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Dear Kels,
You continue to bless me with your writing!
Love you lots,
Aunt Linda