do you REALLY know me?

Or maybe the better question is, do you really want to know more about me? Well, currently in the world of facebook there is a "note" going around that asks the recipient to write 25 facts about themself. I didn't post this on facebook, but thought I would a) use another snow day to create my list and b) post it for people who might care more than the facebook community!

Enjoy (or skim...whichever suits you best)!

1) When I was in junior high I stole a pencil from a boy I had a crush on. It had the 4-H creed on it, which I then memorized in an effort to impress the boy. ("I Pledge...My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, and, My Health for better living, for My Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.")

2) I frequently crave McDonald's big macs, although I don't think I have eaten one in well over 3 years.

3) More people fit in Southeast Christian Church's sanctuary (the church we currently attend) than live in my hometown...times 9.

4) I have never had a job that in some way, shape, or form did not involve working with a lot of kids/ people younger than me (Daycare, Referee, RA, Teacher)

5) When I watch Movies or TV I get so emotionally attached to fictional characters. It is like I feel everything they are going through…It's draining. (This is also a reason I have a very hard time watching someone go through something embarrassing on reality tv shows, in particular the first couple weeks of auditions on American Idol. It physically hurts me for them)

6) I've been married to Brent for 8 months in a week. Also, we have been together for 5 years on Feb. 8th. ALSO, this will be the FIFTH Valentines day we do not get to spend together (he will be in Ethiopia). The only one we spent together was the very first, just a week after we "started dating," and I saw him for an hour (I wore sweat pants and a hoody) because I had agreed to babysit already (because that is what I always did on Valentines day...a tradition I continued in college!). However, Brent has written me a song for all of the previous 6 Vdays. Give and take, my friends, give and take.

7) I had a cat named Fuzz Ball Carroll for about 15 years. I never once picked her up.

8) Brent and I moved to Louisville about 8 months ago, and it was just last Saturday that we drove around downtown to figure out where some stuff was/ what all is there/ how to get around etc.

9) Two of my favorite books in 4th through 6th grade were: Nothing is Fair in the Fifth Grade (which my school library eventually gave to me because it was a) falling apart and b)not checked out by anyone but me...over and over and over...), and Too Soon to Say Goodbye (a horribly sad story about a girl who gets Leukemia...however, the title is, I'm pretty sure, what taught me the difference between "Too" and "to")

10) I have never taken public transportation (i.e. a taxi, bus etc).

11) One of my all time favorite movies is Cinderella. To this day I still will pull out the old vhs tape and watch it if I'm feeling sick or just down!

12) One night Brent and I were in the car with our friend Justin who said something and then Brent replied, "You used a dangling modifier in that sentence." That is when I realized that my major in college/career has had an effect on him (or is is affect?)

13) We keep our books on a bookshelf that Brent made in highschool shop class.

14) I really like eating Pizza without Tomato sauce. Since my dad has acid reflux, he can't eat tomato based products so I grew up with sauceless pizza and learned to love it!

15) I really want to travel to New Zealand before I die.

16) I collected A LOT of different things when I was younger: rocks (normal), got milk ads (which I covered every inch of my bedroom with, even the ceiling), this spawned collecting anything related to cows, lint (yep...lint. I even asked for one of my family member's toe-lint one time. Mom very quickly told me that this collection needed to be put to rest.)

17) In college two of my friends and I decided that we wanted to be able to say we had been streaking... so at 1 in the morning we drove way out of town to a gravel road between two cornfields with no houses/cars/major roads in sight, stripped down to our tennis shoes, ran down the road about 20 feet, ran back to our car, returned to campus, and quietly went to bed. "I've been streaking."

18) I had a pet box turtle for about a week. I named him Yurtle. He lived in a green gardening tub in which I put grass and leaves. My dad informed me that this was no way for a turtle to live (yeah, my dad the humanitarian :), and told me I had to set Yurtle free. I wrote my address on his shell in permanent parker before we drove outside of town and released him not too far from where we later built our new home. I cried that night. (I think turtles are the only animals I like).

19) In elementary I went to my friend Lacy's house what seemed like everyday after school (she lived right down the street). Her parents specifically kept three things in their kitchen just for me: Oreos, Dr. Pepper (they were die-hard pepsi fans), and plain potatoe chips. At a wedding shower they gave me a package of oreos.

20) I played the french horn for about 6 months when I was in the sixth grade. I played the french horn because Jonathon played the french horn.

21) I hold the fourth highest career points at Maysville High School in basketball.

22) I absolutely hate the feel of caramel getting stuck in my teeth. This alone can make me put down Rollos, even though I really like Rollos.

23) My favorite Shakespeare: comedy:Twelfth Night, tragedy: Hamlet, history: King Lear (although many other plays would come before King Lear... I really dislike the Histories, but this is the best of the few I have read.)

24) I have, within the past month, had a renewed obsession with Cheez-Its. Someone please tell me this qualifies for my daily dose of calcium?

25) In my closet in my room at home I have a bag CRAMMED full of old letters and notes from my early teenage years. I was a huge note passer in junior high (on any given day I probably passed at least 7 or 8 and got at least 7 or 8 in return! I also wrote letters religiously to friends that I had met at church camps over the summers, and there were about 5 girls that always responded to these letters. I'm guessing there are probably well over 700 notes/letters in this bag! Yikes!... and I still absouletly LOVE getting notes/letters :)



Anonymous said...

What a unique creature you are!

Micah Wolf said...

love it! I need to do that as well. I knew most of those things about you....a few I didn't.
My brother played french horn? I don't remember that, I thought he played trombone..I do remember that he only played about as long as you did.

Lyricality said...

first let me say BORRING.
I'm kidding. God said lying is bad, so I'm the heathen.

10. same for me until 2 years ago in Europe everyone made fun of me becuase that's how they lived... only with public transportation.
11. little mermaid baby
17. funny! I have similar... but won't be shared here.
18. I'm sorry I lied about running over one.

Lovely my dear! I see you enjoyed your snow day. Hopefully you can enjoy your 'ice' day tomorrow!

Kali said...

A few things - I think I know who you stole that pencil from. I'll confirm this weekend. YOU never had a cat named Fuzz Ball Carroll...you were just lucky enough to live in the same home as her. Also, you should have added to the French Horn comment that you also had one of those "BFF" necklaces from Jonathon, for which he wore the other half :-)

I think that's about all. Oh, and I stole your idea - or who's ever idea it was to start writing random info about oneself when there is nothing else to blog about.

That's all. Can't wait to see you!

annie said...

hey, i still have some of your letters that you wrote me. I have that one picture you drew of us playing basketball in which you drew me with cornrows and rows and rows of fans cheering. It is at my mom and dad's in my old closet hanging on the wall. So are some other pictures from you i think. anyway, i still have them too.