jiggity jig

Here we are back in Louisville after a 2 week vacation that we foolishly thought would be long enough!

Our time at home was wonderful and when I upload my new camera software (Brent's Christmas gift for me), I will upload some photos. This past weekend we were able to drive down to Joplin and attend the wedding of a couple we knew. It was a little overwhelming to see so many familiar faces that we hadn't seen in SO long...we felt like celebrities!! We also had the blessing of staying with the family of the guy who mentored Brent for his last 2 years of college. It was wonderful to sit around the table with them and play with their two wonderful kids! After that trip we drove back to Louisville...10 hours...and then neither of us could get to sleep (I think to many adventures and too much to do back here!), so Monday was not the most fun!!

Like I said, I will update with pictures later (which is way better!).

I did have one perk to returning to the mundane Monday at school... I received the STAR teacher award for the week. Every week a new teacher is nominated by the teacher who previous had the award, and they write up a little blurb about why so-and-so is a star teacher...so our 8th grade math teacher nominated me! So while I was bemoaning another Monday morning, over the loud speaker I hear the news. It's not a big deal, but it was nice to come back to people who support me here too.

Well, it's time to figure out what I'm making for supper. We have very little in our cabinets and fridge but I'm trying to stretch it out until this weekend because I do not want to go to the grocery store...not yet...that's REALLY admitting that vacation is over!

Until next time...

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