from the mind of me

A few things I want to get out:

#1. If you have been following my blog at all you have read about KTIP that I have been going through since the school year started. This internship-on-steroids is ridiculous and luckily I only have 5 more observations. I really feel okay about where I'm at with this and it has just been a thorn in my side but not a huge hurdle (I was well prepared by Northwestern). However I DO have a little problem with THIS: As of NEXT YEAR there will be no more KTIP due to budget cuts!!! WHAT?! Are you KIDDING ME?! If it is something that is the first to go with budget cuts it CANNOT be nearly as important or as FORMATIVE as they think it is. When I found out I may or may not have asked, "So we're done, right? I don't have to finish?" To which they all thought I was joking (mind you they get paid to put in their hours with me...which did I mention is FIFTY out of class hours PER SEMESTER!?)

I'm done.

#2. We got an inch of snow...you would have thought the world ended.

#3. Today at school we really focused on the Inauguration. I thought this was cool that we had a special schedule that allowed for the students to watch it live. I had never been able to watch an inauguration because I was always at school...anyway- I'm currently listening to the Albert Mulder program and he is discussing not only the events of today but how as Christians we respond to having a new president. Very good. You can probably listen online. One thing he said that sticks out to me is that everyone keeps saying that race shouldn't matter...he said: "Race should matter in the right way."

#4. My fingers are really cold. Does it make sense that even with the heat OFF for 2 weeks in December our electric bill was relatively the same amount? We've decided to keep our temp. low anyway though.

#5. If you remember the pictures from my post after Christmas you remember a picture of a monkey in a cape (with a remote!). Well, this (albeit cute, right?) monkey makes a horrible squawking noise when you hit it. I had it leaned against the mirror in our bedroom last night and we were laying in bed when it fell over...and squawked! Brent jumped out of bed, I shot up, and my heart rate shot through the roof. (Aunt Linda, I may have cursed you at this point).

#6. What am I going to make for supper?

Okay, wrapping this up. If you made it this far you realized that I didn't really have anything to say today...just rantings and ravings. Tomorrow I hope to post some excellent recipes that I have been trying recently. They all have 5 ingredients and are a snap to prepare (and they taste great!) So stay tuned....tomorrow will be better...after all, tomorrow is another day. ( Name that movie?)


Anonymous said...

Gone With the Wind, of course! Miss Scarlet spoke the words thinking of her beloved Tara....Ahh, yes, tomorrow IS another day!

Love you! ~Mom

Anonymous said...

My dear Kelsey,
YOU curse ME??? Surely you jest! Uncle Al says "She thinks monkeys squawking in the night are bad - just wait 'til they have kids!" OK, I'm waiting.....! Sorry I missed your call last night. I wasn't home long enough to return it. I'll call tomorrow!
Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...


Love your ranting and ravings.

Kelly K