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This weekend Kali and Dan were able to make a VERY quick trip up to Louisville (not even 24 hours!), but it was wonderful to get to visit and fellowship with them. It has been since Thanksgiving since we last spent time together, and given that we only live 2 and half hours from each other, that's a little silly.

I was able to finally get some pictures of all of the ice: on a drive that Brent and I took at dusk, and on a walk that the four of us took yesterday (yesterday it got up to about 40 and so the ice was beginning to melt, which proved to be a little dangerous....especially for Kali and Dan's new car :( )

Here are some of the pictures that I was able to take:

For Kali and Dan's visit I made a loaf of bread...for some reason, it did not turn out quite right! No idea what went wrong!
We went to a soup and sandwich place for lunch on Saturday.

Our walk

Dan and Brent were busy looking for big icicles.

Dan was trying to help out this tree by knocking off some of the ice and snow:

Although yesterday a lot of ice melted, today I think we just may see the rest of it go. It is so nice out today that 1) Brent went out on the porch in shorts and a tshirt and got hot 2) I turned off the heat and opened the windows 3) all the ice is already gone and now the snow is beginning to melt! Crazy how big a shift in weather it has been this week!
We had some friends stay the night last night that are still without power, and they are on their way back here with some laundry to do! I better get going!

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Micah Wolf said...

it was nice here today too! Joe drove the Jeep to church today and finally took me out in it. It was fun!