sunday evening

I often get on other people's blogs to find that they haven't put up a new post in well over a week. This frustrates me. Then I usually click over to my own blog and for some strange reason, no one seems to want to update it either! I'm sorry that everyone is so lazy.

Spring break officially started for Northwestern students, but for me this only means that there are less people on campus and a gauranteed parking spot right in front of my apartment. I have to stick around for student teaching and all of my roommates are still here for basketball, so we're making do.

My parents also came up this weekend which was so nice. It's weird to think that may have been the last time they come to just kick back while I'm at Northwestern, as Graduation in May will be too busy to consider it a real trip :)

I will be starting Romeo and Juliet with the freshman this week. I have to constantly remind myself that this is their first experience with Shakespeare, and I have to remember how daunting the language can be. Hopefully they warm up to it and enjoy the play. My professor is coming to observe tomorrow [if you don't know how student teaching works, occassionally my professor must come in order to give me a grade...last time he observed he said that it appeared I had been at teaching for a lot longer than I really had].

Other then that, same ole same ole. Brent and I are taking bigger strides into our decision for where we'll be next year-- which is both exciting and scary at the same time. Hopefully in the near future I can update everyone on our status---hopefully in the near future I can update MYSELF on our status :)

Well, all for now. Hopefully someone will be better about blogging this week :)


Kelsey and Brent said...

I'm happy that you blog.


Kali said...

Taking bigger strides towards a decision...what does this mean? I need to have more of an update than this :-)

Enjoy your spring break - wish you could be here in Nashville where it really is spring! I even wore flip-flops yesterday!