weekends, i prefer the weekends

[The title to this blog is from an old Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Ferrell... it's a song that continues by saying: "Mondays, I hate Mondays. They make me so steamed"]

With only one week left of student teaching to go [well, and the Monday after that!], I have been realizing that my time here at Northwestern is quickly fading. It was strange this morning on the way to church when I realized that I only have a few more Sundays here. This made me recall many of the countless weekends I've spent in this town, all the crazy Saturdays and lazy Sunday afternoons. My freshman year I thought they would never end, and now they are almost a thing of the past.

My weekends here have consisted of many late night walks, card games, movies, and yes, even homework. No matter how great the week was, when Saturday and Sunday rolled around I was always thankful. Now that I have been student teaching, I think my love for the weekends has maybe tripled :) Every weekend from now until May 24 is planned... and then I have a little gig to attend on the 7th, so even though I enjoy the weekends, I'll be busy!

This weekend has been particulary nice as I was able to watch the KU game friday night and play cards with some friends [Rook to be exact, which, if you're not from this region you've probably never heard of]. Yesterday I was able to go to shopping all day with Aunt Linda, some highlights included: Panera Bread, Cold Stone Creamery, getting my invites printed [which will probably be arriving in a mailbox near you soon, if you're reading this :)], a CLEARANCE bargan on a dress, 7 dollar shoes, AND great conversation with Aunt Linda.

Today I woke up and went to church with my roommates, as usual, and had so much fun at the service as today was "Youth Sunday." I watched from a completely different perspective as nearly 20 of my students helped lead the service. And afterwards was POTLUCK! which is always great for a college student. The church I attend has an abundance of college students, and so many of the families bring extra food knowing this, and there is always plenty to go around. I had a fun conversation with my roommates about potlucks at our church's back home, which varied:
Renae's church is in a wealthy neighborhood and so their potlucks are often catered!!! She said they usually run out of food though, so her and her brothers "motor" past the "senior citizens" to get in line first!!
Amy said her church doesn't have very many...a shame. Amy always eats SO much faster than the rest of us, and we said that this talent could work to her advantage at a potluck, as she could get back in line for seconds first... a real trick.
And I said that I can always tell who brought exactly what at my church based on which dish it is served in.

What great memories have been built during these potlucks! I wonder if my new church in Kentucky will have them, as they have thousands of people in attendance every Sunday-- probably not.... Maybe I'll organize something :), and I'll of course have to bring Leola's potatoes!

Only a few more weekends to go... and then I'll leave this quiet Sunday afternoon town behind. And I can say something I don't think I could have said my freshman year: I'll miss it!

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