in the classroom

Welcome to my freshman class... here we are reading Romeo and Juliet! Everyone looks enthralledPop questions for candy is always a hit!

Explaining part of a sonnet to a group of freshman-- I can't talk without my hands

I look a little tired in all of these pictures...
Here I am explaining how women at this time would pinch their cheeks to get color on them since they didn't have Mary Kay to help out-- girl one looks confused and boy one looks interested

Thanks for the sweet dress slacks Brent :)
Here I am in my senior class discussing personal narrative writing- unfortunately he [my professor] didn't take many pictures in this classroom.

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Micah said...

wow as a physical therapist (and your bff) I can say you need to sit up straight in that second to last pic....that posture is painful. love you ;) and can't wait for you to really start teaching and to hear about it!