spring melt

If you are not from Iowa or anywhere north of there you do not truly understand what this term means. Yes, in other midwestern states this term may be used... for example I have heard it used in my home state of Missouri, however, this typically means the ground is thawing and the little bit of snow that is around from a few weeks ago is disappearing.

However, in Iowa SPRING MELT means that your seasonal depression is just about over. It means that you can see patches of grass emerging that have been hidden since November.It means that you can once again smell the hog farms a few miles away, but it doesn't even matter because you no longer have to zip up your winter coat [because it does not mean that you can stop wearing your winter coat just yet--- that will come in May]. But to not have to wear scarves, and gloves, and hats, and boots, and long underwear at all times is a nice treat.

Spring melt means that little kids are covered in mud from head to toe from now until May, and a chorus of voices can be heard "Mom, Dad...can we go play in the patch of grass this is showing in front of Billy's house?" It also means that high schoolers who parents no longer dress them begin wearing shorts to school, just because the weather man said there isn't a chance snow today!

Although it is muddy and mucky and your car is coated in earth, I will proudly and gladly hike up my pant legs and avoid the biggest puddles and enjoy the SPRING MELT!

Now, come June we'll see if the mounds of snow that have been pushed back in parking lots are gone, you know, the walls of snow that are 25 feet tall and 40 yards wide... but for now, this is enough :) It has to be enough... or I may go crazy.


Anonymous said...

What are you doing writing on your blog when you are supposed to be molding young minds?


Anonymous said...

Now, now, Kelsey ... you may be leaving this part of God's country for good in a few weeks, but some of us will live here 'til we die. Just so that your enormous, adoring readership knows the WHOLE truth ... life here in northwest Iowa isn't nearly as rough (or backward!) as our dear Kelsey makes it sound! Buck up, dearie ... your "trials" will soon be over!
Auntie Linda