I had a great trip home over easter break. Just to catch everyone up, here are a few highlights [sorry there are no pictures, I currently have no camera :( ]

- meeting up with my friend Cody who just got back from Afganistan. We had coffee and talked and talked and talked and then it was time for supper so we had supper! It was just a great time to talk face to face with him again.

- thursday night I was able to sit up and have some good conversation with my mom...always a blessing.

- Friday morning I was planning on going to grandma and grandpa's and was SURPRISED by Brent--- who had been in Colorado and wasn't going to be home until later that night--- he and another friend of ours drove through the night so that he could surprise me!

- Eating lunch with my grandparents and seeing the absolutely beautiful bedroom set that they refinished for brent and me.

- ordering wedding bands!

- spending easter with my family...and then Brent's family.

- watching Brent's nephews...3 of them, always fun.

- Helping Brent find a suit for the wedding... he looks sharp!

...and just being home, always a huge blessing. I hope to update more soon, but for now I have papers to grade :)


Kelsey and Brent said...

It was a good easter! And we got a lot accomplished.

Kelsey and Brent said...

Why does it say "kelsey and brent" when i write a comment, why not just brent or why not "brent and kelsey"? weird.