I got a few responses to my "Resume Really" post and here are a few I was asked to add to the list :
-guitar hero [thanks for thinking I'm good at that Paige :)]

-making Brent the happiest man in the world [gee, I wonder who wrote that?]

-Getting flat tires [this is very true... in my first year of driving I believe I had 6!]

-Going days at a time without showering [I'm getting a little better...:)]

- Writing/making cards that are meaningful yet concise [although many of my English professors tell me I'm being too VERBOSE!

- Making a pack of gum last a really long time by only chewing 1/2 sticks at a time [it's just as refreshing]

-Eating ungodly amounts of cheese

-Finding cute shoes

-Playing "Follow the Leader" all by myself [another something I'm getting a little better about :)]

- And I believe she was being sarcastic which I don't appreciate but just for you, Torri: Karaoke!-- and she also said not shaving! :)

I think I have exhausted the list.

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Anonymous said...

Kels i was really being sarcatic!! But u are actually pretty good at it.