iced in...sort of

There was no school [again!] today. We got freezing rain and snow this morning and they tried for a late start but had to go ahead and cancel. So I slept in a little bit, went to the caf for lunch [which I haven't done in a very long time], then made my way through the thick flakes to the business office where I officially made my LAST PAYMENT EVER! [Until the loans start rolling in...I suppose]. I was almost in tears as a good friend's gift made this possible this month, and was overwhelmed by the goodness of God and reminded of how truly faithful He is.
I took advantage of the gift of time I was given and cleaned today. We have a "catch all" closet in our apartment that has taken some abuse this year and so I spent some time wrestling with that. It looks much better and now we can actually find things--a truly novel idea :). I even dusted, my least favorite of all chores, as my mom can attest too. However, I did not shake any rugs as that really gets my allergies in full flare [oh wait, that's Kali's excuse, woops :)].
Speaking of my sister, around Valentine's day she posted some old pictures of her and her husband, Dan, as Valentine's day was their first official date. Strangely enough, Brent and I started "dating" around the exact same time as them [same year, everything!]. Some of our friends even sent our Dad a "Sorry for your Loss" card in the mail :). It was a fun time as Kali and I were able to share sappy stories and long sighs over the phone. Well, I thought I would follow suit and just for kicks and giggles put up some old pictures of Brent and me as well.
We officially talked about us being an us February 8th, 2004, and on valentine's day Brent came over to my house and sang me the first song he wrote me [one of many more to come]. By the time the first few words were out of his mouth, When I look into her eyes, the beauty captures me like the morning sky, he had me hook line and sinker. And as he wrapped up, she laughs with no fear of the future, when she speaks her words are wise... it's so amazing how God's reigned down on her, all His love and grace...I knew I would never celebrate Valentine's day with anyone else. [Briefly after he sang me this song he left and I went and babysat because, like every V-day before, I figured I had no plans and made myself available for a shew-in night of sitting]. That was the only Valentine's day I got to spend with him, as the rest we have spent over distance, but he still calls me up and sings me a new song each year :)
Okay, now to the pictures-- These were all taken within that first year:
His prom:
My prom...yes, I know, he was lucky enough to get to go to TWO proms [he was a good sport]

On one of our first dates [the one that I wrote a post about a long time ago-- Oct. 24 : It Is Well With My Soul is the post]

I think I will entitle this one "puppy love." I mean, seriously, get real :)

And I will end with those because I am afraid they are probably too much to bear!


Kali said...

Oh I love it!! Just the other day I was looking through some old e-mails and came across some from this beautiful time, and it was fun to read about the "newness" of everything. Oh, and remember when I beat you to "kuzkotopia"? Haha! I just can't hardly wait for June 7th!

Oh, and Dan always shakes the rugs for me now. You should mention that to Brent (the allergies, I mean).

Micah said...

Kuskotopia....that is an MK word!!!! I am glad Kels shared it with you Kali

Anonymous said...

hey kels this is Torri i just wanted to say hi and that i cant believe that u cleaned just kiding. i wish that we were iced in but o well.

Love Torri