baby bump 2: week 18

And so it begins… :)

If you followed along on my journey last time, you may remember that at week 18 I started writing letters to Blythe. I know inevitably this child will suffer from SCS [Second Child Syndrome] at some point, so I wanted to at least get off on the right foot. 

Dear Baby, 

Well, here we are: week 18! I find this incredibly exciting. It seems like just yesterday your dad and I were praying for your existence.  The time has just flown by since we found out about you, and I can't believe that in a few short days we will get to see you squirm and kick on the ultrasound monitor…and find out if you're a him or a her! Just know, you will be loved and cherished either way.

You just got to celebrate your first Thanksgiving from in there, and it was a good one! We ate lots of yummy food, and heard a few recommendations for what to name you. Let me tell you, that's a big job! Picking out a name for someone else for the rest of their life? Whew! We've landed on a couple that I think are here to stay…so I hope you like them!

Every once in awhile you give me a special performance and I can feel you spin and flutter and move. It's one of the best feelings ever. Soon you'll grow strong and you will kick harder and even your dad will be able to feel ya! But for now, we keep these little dance parties between you and me, and I like that too.

I hope you're comfortable in there and that you think I'm treating you okay [I try to give you chocolate and cheese as much as possible!]. We love you so much already here in this little house of ours: Your daddy just said this week how he can't believe how awesome it is that we get to do this again with a new little baby, and your sister, Blythe [I'm sure you've heard her a lot already!], came over to me yesterday and laid her absolute favorite blankie on my belly and said it was for the baby.

We love you... and please cooperate for your first pictures so we can see if you're a boy or a girl! Stay warm in there!

Love, Mom

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Pink Pamalamma said...

Awww, you are too cute! Good luck on the U/S!

bonbon said...

congratulations kelsey! I am so happy for you!