baby bump #2: week 20

Dear Baby,
Half way there! Hold up…what?! It seems like I was just finding out you were in there and now we're already halfway to getting to meet you. I guess your big sister has kept me busy enough that time is flying a little faster these days, and that is alright with me. 


Speaking of your big sister, do you like how she snuck in to the pictures of you and me this week? First she was trying to stand just like me and and put her hand on her belly. It made your dad and I laugh-- I think you'll find that you'll get a kick out of her too. We are really praying that you two will be great friends as you grow up together. My sister, your aunt Kali, is one of my nearest and dearest friends, and I pray you have that in Blythe. 

I decided to take a picture this week of what I actually look like most days: ponytail, t-shirt, and jeans if we're lucky. It's kind of a perk of getting to be home with you, and I thought I should document that too. 
We're gearing up for Christmas around here, and it just makes me keep dreaming and wondering about how your little life will have already grown and blossomed so much by this time next year, and how you'll have totally captured our hearts and this entire family. In addition to all the dreaming we've been doing, your dad and I have picked four traits we are praying for your life: integrity, patience, devotion, and purity. But mostly we pray that you'll know the great love of our Savior that we are preparing to celebrate next week.

In another 20 weeks I'll be kissing your sweet face. Keep growing and stay safe. We love you.

Love, Mom

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