stealing christmas…a follow up

The other day as I wrote this post  I really just did it to clear my conscious [which was quite burdened, I tell ya], and share a story I hadn't shared on here before. Little did I know that the responses I would get would make me laugh so much.

Just so you understand the great institution of learning I went to, I have to share some of the comments I received:

As the current Director of Residence Life at NWC, it is my duty to inform you that I will be issuing you a contract for theft. The Christmas spirit has been missing from Apartment A for awhile and now I know why. It breaks my heart that one of our own could have done such a dastardly deed. I would expect this kind of behavior from your sister Kali, but you??? I'm shocked. On a serious note, reading this made my day! I plan on sharing this with all of NWC's current RAs! 

And from my Res Life director at the time… [whose wife, I'm sure, directed him to my blog after she threatened to turn me in to the college president ;)]: 

Kelsey - As the Director of Residence Life when this happened, I have a few comments.

First, thanks for the confession. How freeing is it to share your sins? Being an RA certainly taught you a lot.

Second, I hope this adds to your guilt, but I remember spending hours looking for this special tree, as it was donated from one of the founding members of the Northwestern Academy. It is worth hundreds of dollars and is a one of a kind. One of those ornaments has $1000 hidden inside it.

Third, the advancement office saw this and said they'll be expecting a significantly larger donation this year to compensate for years of loss.

Fourth, since I made up the last two comments, I really want to know who even bought that tree as I don't recall Apartment A even having one. Maybe Lisa Bu. or Marlon would know.

May your conscience now be free to enjoy the tree in your living room every year, as you think back on great memories of the place that you stole it from. 

I also heard from two professors, and several college-mates on the matter [several of whom thought it was high time I got a contract instead of being the one to dole them out…thanks a lot, guys!]. I'm just waiting for it to appear in The Classic and then I'll for sure have President Chr. and the Feds after me!  If you are searching for a college to go to, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction! If you already attended college and it wasn't at this one, I'm so sorry you missed out!

And I SWEAR I didn't steal anything else from on-campus!! Except maybe a few trashbags… but NEVER chapel-credit, so I'm good!

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Good idea about the Classic. I hadn't thought of that. I'll pass your blog on to the PR office. Thanks for offering.