seeing our baby GIRL

I have this desire to chronicle these moments for our second child like I did our first. Here is the story of the first time we got to take a peek at our baby:  

I woke up like it were any other day, but the first thought that popped in my head was: The baby! We get to SEE our baby today!

The clock struggled all morning. Seriously. It took FOREVER to move its little self around, until finally, FINALLY it was noon and it was time to get in the car. Brent came home, wearing his go-to blue shirt and pink tie, and we put Blythe in her carseat and headed to Nini Pat's house to drop her off. We let her know we were going to find out if she would be having a brother or a sister, but she was fairly disinterested in the whole process and really just wanted to look at books with Nini. Fair enough. I like looking at books with Nini too.

Brent and I rushed back to the car and off we went. It was almost time! On the way there Brent asked me, "What would you look forward to if this baby is a boy?" He knew I was struggling with the concept of adding a boy to our family, so it was nice to dream big boy dreams on the way.

Last time I got my sonogram I didn't know that drinking a lot of water was recommended/required, so I was quite comfortable when we watched Blythe appear on the little black screen. This time though I had actually read the literature they gave me, or remembered all the ladies in the waiting room from the previous time that were fit to burst with so much liquid, and decided I should probably drink the recommended 32 ounces this go round. I was nervous that it was too early to see much anyway, since last time I didn't go in for the ultrasound  until a little past 20 weeks. This was two weeks early! And I wanted to see my baby! So drank I did.

So much so, that I was miserable on the drive there. You see, I didn't really plan the time so well. I started drinking the 32 ounces + at 11 o'clock. I had a 1:30 appointment. About 5 miles from the hospital I finally had Brent pull over and I had to find a bush to go behind. Much better. [Brent told me I had to put this in the story, as he thinks this future child will appreciate it]. I rushed back to the car and started drinking away again.

We got to the hospital and sat down for not even five minutes. Then before I knew it they were calling my name! 15 minutes before our scheduled time! Yipeeee! Which was a good thing too because I hadn't totally emptied my bladder and was still plenty uncomfortable. But it all paid off as soon as she flipped on that sonogram machine. The cold gel was on my belly and then the lights went off in the room and then there was our precious, precious baby.

The first thing we spotted was the heartbeat: fast and strong and pumping with all its little might. In that moment I knew the gender was a frivolous thing, because I was looking at my whole and healthy baby, and knew that, boy or girl, I would get to hold and love the squirmy and delicious bundle. I didn't realize quite how anxious I was this time, but as I saw that heartbeat I exhaled deeply. Brent and I had briefly talked about how it was easier to be anxious this time around. He mentioned that after you have your first child you realize how little control you have on anything. I don't know about you, but my faith becomes very real while pregnant.

We had the same sonogram technician as last time, and she was just as chatty! Her name was Kristin and she was incredibly nice, and I told her how awesome her job is. She said she drives an hour to work, and has for 12 years, but it's because she loves it so much. We also made small town connections as she continued to measure various parts and take pictures for the doctor. Since we got in so early, I feel like we got an extended session. She just kept showing us things: the femurs, the brain cavity, the lungs, the kidneys, the feet...we even got to see one little hand stretch out and spread out all the fingers. It happened so quickly that she couldn't take a picture, but it was incredible. 

Finally after about 15 minutes [or more!], she asked if we would like to know the gender. I squeezed Brent's hand as she made the announcement, "It's a sweet little GIRL!" A single tear dripped from my eye. A girl! Was this real? My dream of raising two daughters was coming true? I could give Blythe one of the best gifts my parents ever gave me-- a sister? From the moment we announced our pregnancy, many people have wished a boy upon us, thinking that since we have a girl we must want/need a boy. And though a boy would have been wonderful for many reasons too, I couldn't help but think of what my no-son dad always told people when they made similar comments to him, "The only thing I can think of that is better than one girl...is TWO!"
This is the picture collage I posted to let everyone know the big news! 

We finally wrapped up, and Kristin gave us a sticker to take home to Blythe with the sonogram pictures before we headed to the waiting room to see my doctor. We sat grinning at each other, elated at the prospect of another daughter to love. We examined the pictures of her little toes and profile over and over again and then we were called in. My doctor is wonderful and so thorough, and she walked us through, step by step, each part of the sonogram. She explained why they measure this, and why they check that, and with each step she told us everything looked great with our baby girl. She said I am measuring right on track, and that the due date they came up with with the measurements they got was actually two days before my current date, May 3rd.

We left the office feeling incredibly blessed and even more excited to meet this sweet little daughter number two. 

We met up with Brent's mom who was in town, and she had polled everyone at the bank where she works as to what they thought we were having. She passed out cherry cordial kisses since it was a girl [she had mint ones if boy], and then treated us to lunch. We called our siblings on the way to pick up Blythe. We of course told Blythe she was getting a sister, but she just wanted to dance and sing some songs that Nini had taught her. Then we headed to my parents and told them before spilling the news to anyone else.

We are so excited to add more joy and tutus and high voices and love into our everyday.  Blythe will hopefully realize what a gift this is for her life soon too, though I'm sure their will be some adjustments too. 

When we were trying to get pregnant, I prayed, "Lord, please give us the baby that will complete our family." And He gave us this precious girl. 

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Pink Pamalamma said...

I don't even know you but I am grinning ear to ear reading this! So happy and excited for you! The pink announcement collage is perfect and the fact that your hubby wore a blue shirt and pink tie to go find out is so adorable!

Hannah said...

Oh, Kels! I know I've said it already, but this is just so wonderful! You are going to be the perfect mom of two girls!

MW Photo said...

:) :) :) :) :)
SO excited about this!!! but, to be completely honest, I think I'd be just as excited if you were having a green alien baby. maybe a little weirded out, but still totally excited. :)