baby bump 2: week 19

Dear Baby,

Why hello there, sweet one! Thanks for keeping me company for another week. This was a big week for us, too! Not only did I get to SEE your heart beating, strong and to a wonderful rhythm, but I got to learn some very precious information about you
: you are my treasured, second DAUGHTER. I wanted you to be a girl so badly I could have burst, but I was trying to trust God to give us the child He chose…and he chose you! And you are a girl. And you are already so very loved.

Seeing you move and squirm was exciting and emotional. I learned that my placenta is in the front, which is totally safe and normal, but it just means I'll have to be a little more patient to feel harder movements from you. Your dad and I thought that this meant he wouldn't get to feel you for awhile, but the other night you surprised us both and you kicked with all your might and he felt you for the first time.

We had snow this week; your first snowfall of sorts. I'm glad you're tucked away in there because let me tell you, it's quite cold out here in this big ole world right now.

We are trying to come up with a perfect name for you. We want it to be meaningful and unique, but something you can carry around with you comfortably. We may have made our decision, but it's such a big one! We aren't going to tell anyone until you make your appearance though.

We love you, sweet baby girl. I'm so glad you're ours.


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MW Photo said...

love you and the baby and the bump AND the scarf - all four are super cute (especially the baby - she's gorgeous, just like her mama, I just know it) :)

bonbon said...

you look stunning. Couldn't be happier for you!