in less than 24 hours

In less than 24 hours, I will know the sex of the baby I've been carrying around for a few months! Although I thought waiting for this appointment would seem like an eternity, it has snuck up on us pretty quickly. I actually get to have my appointment two weeks sooner than I did last time, which helps. I'm only worried that the baby won't cooperate for us to be able to tell the sex, but only time will tell.

There are so many thoughts rushing through my head about this appointment: obviously the gender, but also it's our first peek inside the womb. All my appointments would indicate that everything is okay in there, but you just never know until those grey and black pictures appear on the screen.

And the gender? Eek! After you know the gender it seems so much more real and tangible and we can finalize our names and really start PICTURING life with this little dude or dudette. People have asked me if I have a strong feeling either way. I've leaned more towards a boy this time… but I had convinced myself I was having a boy last time too. Only time will tell. If it is a boy, I'll have a whole new world to learn about, that's for sure!

By this weekend check back in for the big REVEAL on the ole blog [we're not doing a reveal party or anything crazy, but I want to make sure we've gotten certain people told first].

Final thoughts or guesses?

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Lyricality said...

boy. for a change of color ;)

Pink Pamalamma said...

Ooh, exciting! Hope all goes well at your appointment!

momiss said...

Can't wait!