one month of Blythe

First, I just have to say how much I LOVE the title of this post because to me I read it as "One month of BLITHE/JOY." And though I voiced the struggles and real-life-ness HERE, there truly has been JOY in our lives too.

Each month I want to post pictures of Blythe wearing this little outfit [which should fit her until she's nearly a year old…which is why it is ridiculously large on her now!]. I know the bow is way too large for her cute little head, but it's all about perspective. Without further adieu, here are some ONE MONTH pictures! [about two weeks late]

And now, because we caved and did the whole smart phone/iphone thing, we have tons of wonderful "quick shots" that we would have missed otherwise [so, okay okay the phones are THAT bad]. Here are a few shots of life with Miss Blythe in the past month:

Day one. Still at the hospital. 

Ready to go home! 
We were both very excited to get her home and find our "new normal" as a family of three. This was a BEAUTIFUL day and a sunny ride I will never forget! 

First day home. Still can't believe I had such a tiny baby! 

She was born during March Madness :) This stocking cap was one of Brent's Christmas presents; he also got a matching one. 

"Kelsey, I want to get in the crib with baby Blyfe." Okay. Caroline was so SO good with her. 

Ellie also loved her, of course, but we had to keep them a little further apart as Ellie hasn't mastered "gentleness" yet. 


One of Brent's favorite pictures. 

Becoming much more alert of world around her. 

My birthday present! :) 

Just a quick stop for snuggles from Papa. 

These two have lots of serious conversations. 

Her first track meet [at which Torri broke a school record!]

Love this. Getting measured and added to the wall at Grandma and Grandpa's! 

Getting some cheeks! :) 

In the front pack, getting ready to help me vacuum. 

Another daddy/daughter chat. 

Her first day in jeans :) 


Ana-Lou said...

=) Presh!!!

Between you and her Auntie "Beffy" these are great Photo keepsakes!

*carrie* said...

Super cute pix.

Natalie has the same "big sis" shirt that Caroline had on!

Do you like your Moby wrap? I borrowed one and I've used it quite a bit!