[Three and] Four Months of BLYTHE

Although I was traveling and busy around month three, I still managed to take a lot of pictures of my sweet girl [I'm so glad people talked me into the iphone for this reason-- great pictures!] I didn't get her "official" three month shots, but some day to day ones that I included in this post. Click HERE to see month ONE and TWO for comparison! :) 

And now…FINALLY… month FOUR! [She will be five months old in ten days!] 

The bow is finally looking a bit more proportionate. She is one happy girl these days. 

We always get comments on how adorable she is, of course, but the most comments we get are about her beautiful, big, brown eyes. She also has really long, dark eyelashes. Thank you, Brent. 

Love her.  
I could kiss those lips all day…and I do!! 

She did lose most of her hair, but is still stinkin' adorable without it. 

Getting so big. She is over 14 pounds and over 2 feet long. Below is a comparison of month one and four. Grow, baby, grow! 

She is getting quite the little personality and talks and talks and talks. 

Scooting down….!!!

"Get this bow off of me, mama!" 

Hair-do after pictures :) 

These two have quite the connection. She lights up for him like no one else! 
Starting to get a little spacy….  
"Okay, Mom. Seriously, can we be done with pictures already?!" 

And now for the day to day shots. Some of these are 3 months, some are 4.  
I do know this one was shortly after she turned 3 months. 

What do ya think? Is the bow too much? :) 

Because every girl needs a pair of white skinny jeans…She better wear them now unless she is built like her mama. 

We dedicated her at church and promised to raise her up in the Lord. And I promised to smile as cheesy as I could for the camera. 

second time being measured at Nini Joan and PopPop's! Growing girl!

At her fourth wedding of the summer, Jenny and Michael's. 

I'm already pressuring her to be a Red Raider… and praying she gets the Peale Scholarship! 

She was laying on the playmat on her stomach, and decided to scoot…and then roll. First time she rolled from stomach to back. She rolled back to stomach first. [And yes, I left her lay there and grabbed my camera! :)] 

Daddy let her suck on his glass after dinner and she thought she was big stuff. 

And she didn't want to let go when he tried to take it away :) 

Swimming with Daddy at three months. She loved the water. 

three months: looks like a mohawk, but she is just losing her hair
In her Nike kicks and Cardinal gear, ready for our big road trip out East [3 months]

Ready for her third wedding of the summer: Justin and Heather

"Daddy, you're supposed to hold your hands like THIS when you take a picture" 

3 1/2 months on way home from our long trip. She became quite the traveler! 

Sometimes she likes to work out with her dad, so she needs to have Under Armor, obviously. 

And sometimes she likes to sit outside [in the shade, obviously] with her mom, so she needs "cool mans", obviously. 

Too cool. [And fun fact, if your nose can't hold up your sunglasses, sometimes your cheeks can!]

Brent demonstrating that guys can't hold a baby on their hips. 
Centerpiece at Mom and Dad's

Denim jumper that Nini Joan added embellishment to… love it. And can Blythe strike a pose, or what?!

B graduated from her infant tub to the big tub between three and four months. This was her last "little" bath. Baby girl LOVES to splash, splash, splash in the tub now! 

She got to see her cousins again at the end of July and they got to give her a bottle. She loved it. They loved it. Everyone wins. 

We also stopped swaddling her completely at 3 1/2 months. THe transition was a bit rough for awhile, but now she is sleeping great again. She loves to hold onto her "lovey" blanket though. And Brent and I are loving our full night's sleep :) 

What a cheese ball. 

Still not so into the Johnny Jump Up. She is perfectly content to sit in it, and chew on the side, but bouncing? Ehh…she'll wait awhile. 

First time she rolled from back to front. Right around 4 months. Again, I went and grabbed my camera :) 

Blythe hasn't seen much rain in her little life, so when we were visiting Aunt Linda and it started raining, I propped her up in the window and she was mesmerized. 

"What are you lookin' at?!"

On an overcast day we gave her another shot at the pool, and again she loved it! Brent put her in up to her chest and she didn't holler at all and just kicked her little legs. Olympics 2028? 

Blythe loves taking evening walks, but sometimes just tuckers out before we make it back home. Her legs were crossed and her hands folded this night. 

Looking a little more like me these days…ya think? 

LOVING the big tub! 

Red Raider collage :) 

Another rare rain. This time she got to watch on the porch with Daddy. 

Big moment in history: Blythe was added to THE wall at Great Nini Pat's house!

And there you have it: four months of life with this little girl have been such a blessing. We thank the Lord she is healthy and growing every day. Days have truly been full of blithe around here these days.


Brent said...

awsome pictures. Proud to claim her as mine :)

*carrie* said...

Love that NWC onesie--may have to acquire one of those myself. =)