Two Months of Blythe

I FINALLY had enough time to upload and edit Blythe's two month "photo shoot" :). She is a happy, healthy little lady, and Brent and I are enamored with getting to know her little personality more and more every day. She gives smiles pretty freely now, and "talks" [especially to Brent]. I am on pins and needles for her first giggles! She is definitely a mover [you'll see by blurry arms and legs in pics below!], and is sleeping and eating like a champ. She was just shy of 12 pounds at her two month check up, and handled her shots wonderfully. We love our little "LaLa" and still look at one another and say things like, "We actually get to keep her!" 

Here she is in her "monthly picture outfit". Click HERE to compare to last month's photos. I'm hoping I can figure out how to upload some little video clips of her talking soon [if you have suggestions on the easiest way to do this, please let me know]. Enjoy her TWO MONTH photos…and I know the boy is a little overwhelming on her right now, but it is for size comparison later :) : 

"Thanks for getting that silly bow off my head, Mama!" 

Getting a few rolls! 

And here are some iphone photos of life with Miss Blythe in the past month: 

Lots of hair…even on her ears! This is now rubbing off and her three month photos will surely feature her bald spots!

Listening to Daddy play guitar

She loves her play mat

We took her to the local hardware store and weighed her on the nail scale to get an accurate measure. She was over 11 pounds here! Big girl. Cool Scale. 

helping me with laundry

We visited Aunt Linda when traveling for a wedding and silly Aunt Linda put her nighty on backwards [ha..A.L. I HAD to post this, it was just TOO good :)] 

Her first wedding. With my college roommate, Deb, the bride. 

First day at the pool. She didn't get in, too cold, but she looked darn adorable in her bathing suit. 

she was tuckered out though at the end of the day

two month shots :( 

Okay, this is actually Brent's sister, Beth…. it is the only baby picture we've found so far that we think really looks like Blythe. What do you think? 

Also Beth. 

Her first mini skirt. :) 
Aunt Linda also couldn't help herself…she had to bust out the dutch costume for Blythe. Blythe was not too excited about it, as the last picture shows :) Many babies have worn this sweet outfit.

I snapped some other pictures of B with my "real camera" that I just have to share and then I will be done posted all fifty thousand of these pictures. :) 
looking up at her beloved father…I LOVE this picture. 
this was after we stripped her down out of the dutch costume. she was relieved. :) 
High contrast beauty

I had to put her in some red, white, and blue for the local memorial day service. Patriotic looks cute on her 


Nikki Osborn-Spotanski said...

Kelsey and Brent, she is absolutely stunning!!!!! Hard to believe how much she's grown just in the few months that she's been here :) Love getting to see her grow and change on here!

Jenny (Swope) Russell said...

She is just beautiful Kelsey! I think she has your eyes!! Its amazing how fast the little ones seem to grow, cherish every moment with her! God definitely blessed you with a beautiful baby girl!!