what i don't do

When I was in college I was able to babysit for a wonderful little family of three: Eric, Carrie, and their son, Nathan. I knew them because Eric was my boss' boss [he was the guru of student life on campus while I was an RA]. Since I graduated and left that little corner of the world, they have added two daughters to their ranks, and Nathan is now in KINDERGARTEN! It's hard to believe. I always respected them as a couple, and as individuals, and was so happy when I discovered that Carrie was an avid blogger! We have been able to keep in touch, and she is another reason I am thankful for the invention of blogs. It is funny to think that I am now entering the same stage of life that they were in when I first met them. Carrie is a wonderful writer, a phenomenal stay at home mom and wife, and an inspiring believer.

Recently she posted a blog about things she doesn't do: HERE. I thought it was a fun list and, like she said, provides an often much needed "bigger picture" perspective to remind us no one can DO IT ALL.

Here is my list, which is by no means comprehensive:

I don't watch the news.
I don't buy organic.
I don't follow recipes closely.
I don't own a scale.
I don't work out.
I don't take vitamins.
I don't iron.
I don't paint my nails.
I don't go to the library [mainly because we don't have a good one near :(]
I don't Twitter.
I don't sew.
I don't subscribe to a newspaper of any sort.
I don't make my own cleaning products.
I don't always rinse Blythe's pacifiers that fall on the ground.
I don't wax my eyebrows.
I don't fold laundry frequently. [Brent is a great help here or it may never get done! Yikes!]
I don't organize my underwear/sock drawer…it's chaotic in there!
I don't clean my coffee pot regularly.
I don't keep a stocked pantry.

I could write more but will stop there.

What would your list look like? Do any of you do/not do things on my list? 


Kali said...

Wait...you don't keep a stocked pantry? How are you a product of our mother?

*carrie* said...

Enjoyed reading your list, Kelsey. Thank you for your kind remarks!

momiss said...

I'm with you on 2-7,
8-I do paint my toenails, and recently I did it with some kind of sparkly polish I must have bought for the pretend grandbaby but it's all I have that isn't dried up and I figure people will just think I'm nuts and therefore give me distance.
I do 9 all the time, regardless.
10-12-I'm with ya.
13- I do some and feel guilty about not doing more. Stick with vinegar and baking sode, it's all you really need.
15-17-with ya again. ;)
20- of course I keep a stocked pantry. What are you thinking? At least keep a large supply of coffee. Who wants to face the end of the world without that?
Oh, and I recently discovered a product that I love, seriously love. It's called wrinkle releasing spray. You don't even need an iron with it. I only wish I would have discovered it years ago.