how to paint toenails

I started painting Blythe's toenails about 3 months ago and man oh man does she get a lot of compliments :). However, people inevitably say one of the following things after examining her toes:

"Do you have a teeny-tiny nail brush?"
"Do you do it while she is asleep?"
"My child would NEVER sit still long enough to let me do that!" 

Etc. Etc. Etc. 

My answers to these are-- No. No. and Mine either! So here is a simple tutorial if you too would like to glam up your baby girl. It's MUCH easier than it looks: 

Step ONE: Find a super adorable baby girl. You may not be able to find one as cute as mine, but as long as she has toenails, it will work! 
Step Two: Coat the nails by grabbing the chubby ankles and doing your best. You will get nail polish on her toes, possibly somewhere else on her feet, and that is okay.
Step Three: It will look UGLY and your mother may gasp when she sees them and say, "What did you do!?" It is okay. I promise. Just hang with me. Keep ahold of her ankle until it dries, which shouldn't take long since you only need to do one coat.

Step Four: Strip down your baby. And marvel and her cuteness.
Step Five: Plop her in the tub. If she is brilliant, like my child, she will spell her name in tub blocks.
Step Six: Let her play and soak for a minute.
Step Seven: With your thumb and forefinger, gently scrub and the polish on her skin should rub off fairly easily. If not, let her soak a little longer!
Extra paint that has rubbed off:
Step Eight: Enjoy the cuteness of the mini pedicure.
Let your daughter enjoy her nails... on the porch...
...lounging at a ballgame ...
...or just being a cool girl at home. 

Because soon enough it will be winter, and those cute toes will have to be tucked away in socks and shoes.



*carrie* said...

Well, at least I've completed step one: Find a super adorable baby girl. =)

I haven't attempted painting Naomi's nails, but Natalie gave frequent requests for bright pink polish!

MW Photo said...

love this post! I think we could all use a few more tutorials on how to do anything, as long as this gorgeous gal is featured. keep 'em coming!