right where i want them

Here is an example of a conversation that inevitably happens once a week in our household:

K: Uh, Brent, I need a bobby pin. I know I left one right here, have you seen it?
B: Yeah Kels. I put it away. It's in the drawer in the bathroom.
K: Why would you do that? I left it right here on purpose.
B: Because bobby pins don't belong in the kitchen/on the desk/next the the tv/ on Blythe's changing table….

You get the idea.

And no, I probably don't leave them there "on purpose," but it is really nice to know that whenever I need one, there will be one somewhere near to where I am.

Before I wrote this post I did a quick scan of my house and found almost 20 pins scattered around house! A few on the ledge of window in bathroom, some on kitchen table, some on desk in dining room, one next to lamp in living room, about 5 on my nightstand, some more on my dresser…

Now this plan works pretty well for me until I'm in the bathroom fixing my hair and I need one…then I have to look for one.

Makes perfect sense to me.


jenny said...

Totally what I do!! I can always plan on there being a couple in the car... and I get seriously mad if there's none in the kitchen knick-knacks drawer. :-)

MW Photo said...

I always wear an extra 2-3 in my hair, just in case. :)
I was actually out with a group once, and I mentioned needing one, and a girl pulled one from her hair and offered. She said, "I always wear extras." Sounded like a good plan to me, so now I do, too! (but not for sharing... unless it was you.(because, of course, I said no thanks to her offer, lol))

Sharon said...

I think you've even got a few scattered around my house - just in case!