winter blahs

There is an epidemic sweeping northern Iowa right now--- literally. Everyone is sick. Fortunately I've been able to escape the bug with lots of hand washing, vitamin taking, sleep, and veggies [gotta love those green beans, thanks gma and gpa!]. My roommate slept on the couch last night as to not keep me up with her coughing...thoughtful of her, but it made me feel a little bad because she is sick and should sleep in her bed! [Apparently though not everyone is as pathetic as I am when I am sick...besides my sister, who may even top me]. A few schools have cancelled because there are so many students gone, and at the school I am at, when the students bring back a laptop [they have a "mobile lab" how nice] the teachers have to sanatize it before passing it along to the next student. I'm going home this weekend, and I really feel like if I can make it through the week a good dose of mom's cooking with keep me healthy for the rest of the year!

In other news, there is a snow storm upon us and we got out at 1! I think it is surprising to most students that the teachers want to get out as bad as they do... I'm thinking 2 hour late start tomorrow would be absolutely fantastic as well! :)

I was invited to go shoot clay pigeons this afternoon by two of my, oh how should I put it, less motivated students today. I turned them down because, well, obvious, but I think they would have been pleasantly surprised at my ability to go SNAKE EYES.

My roommate is still sleeping and her deep breathing is luring me in... WHY NOT! No school, right? I hope this post finds you enjoying warmer weather and healthier surroundings.



Kali said...

I am NOT more pathetic than you - equal maybe, but not more. Besides, how would you know...you never would come near me when I was sick :-)

I'm jealous of the snow days. It's raining here today and just really blah -- I'd much rather have snow.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall ever having to sit on Kali's bed and sing to her while she was sick! But I would have if she asked. Love you.

Kali said...

HA - see, I told you so ;-) Thanks for the help, Mom! You can't argue with her...