farewell seniors

After a crazy trip back from Missouri [which I may write about later], I was able to celebrate my last day with the seniors. Along with the teacher, they planned a party for me [one of my students made the cake pictured above], and even pitched in to get me a gift! So every hour I ate and I ate and I ate...it was a good last day! Everyone also wrote me a note and attached their senior pictures, which meant so much to me. I can't believe how fast the first 6 weeks went! All in all it was a truly great time and I really enjoyed getting to know my students. It was a little bittersweet leaving them, as I felt I had really just connected, but I suppose that is the nature of student teaching. I did snap a quick picture with all of my classes:

Now it's off to the freshman! I'm sure the next 6 weeks will go oh-so-fast again...

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Anonymous said...

You don't look like you started that day at 5:00 am.
Glad you made it in tiome for the party.