valentine's day

I woke up this morning and in the bathroom the medicine cabinet above the sink was open. Inside was a valentine [disney, thank you very much] addressed to me from my roommate Deb [the NATIONAL player of the week, by the way -- and the GPAC player of the week...she had 47 points at Saturday's game-- sorry, sidetracked]. It read:

"Happy Valentine's Day!! It's a holiday... so take a shower ;)"

Boy does she know me or what?!

Hope your Valentine's day was a fun one!
[Here are my roommates and me: me, Deb, Amy, Renae: after a home game last week against Dordt...we won, by the way!


*carrie* said...


#1 Didn't know you had a blog
#2 Didn't know you knew I have a blog
#3 Why haven't you left me a comment?! =)

Kali said...

Haha!! I commented on Carrie's page today...I guess I ousted ya :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I made it in your blog! - Renae