end of the week thoughts

-- my mom is coming! I'm so excited to get to spend some time with her. She'll be here in another hour or so, so this is quick :)

-- 2 more weeks with the Seniors- and I still haven't blogged about it?! I got some feedback from my professor and from the teacher I work with: My prof. said that it seems like I've been at this for a lot longer then I have been [which for all practical purposes is true...I mean, hello, I started when I was 5!] and my teacher said that when she was filling out her midterm report for me she couldn't think of anything bad to say [she said usually she has comments in this section about classroom management/discipline situations, but that I really know how to handle it well (note my "teacher face" to the right) and seems natural for me...I told her about my 4 years of daycare and she said it all made sense :)] I also got my first senior pictures from some girls AND have stacks and stacks of grading to do--I guess I'm official.

-- My roommate Renae said I don't give her enough credit on this blog: RENAE, I LOVE YOU. Tonight I will be going to a movie with her as she purchased us movie tickets as a "Hooray for your student teaching" gift to me.

--Speaking of roommates: my roommate Deb is in the sioux city journal yesterday--- front page: Debbie Remmerde--the person. We had some reporters "hang out" for about two hours just asking random questions. Renae made the pictures, Amy made the quotes, and I made the "her other three roommates" with no mention of my name at all [I was at school while all of this happened...] Oh the perks of living with a star. You can see the canvases I painted in some of the pictures of our apartment though! :)

-- LOST started last night. I'm a big fan. That's about all for that.

-- 127 days until I get married, in case you weren't keeping track :)

-- We're having a super bowl party at our apartment on Sunday. Amy always gets a party sub from Subway and we cook up a storm. It is her 4th year of hosting this event and it is probably her favorite holiday next to Christmas.

-- That's all for now-- a little last minute cleaning and bed making needs to happen before mom appears. Have a great weekend!


Kelsey and Brent said...

Super Bowl, a holiday? OH no.

And I keeping track too.

Kali said...

Hope you had fun with Mom!