Literary Devices in Iowa

Yesterday I taught a review lesson on literary devices. I found some song lyrics that had some interesting ones, and my classes looked at them and figured out which devices the artist had used [a lesson for them in finding literary devices, a lesson for me in what-i-think-is-a-fun-activity-apparently-bores-my-students-to-tears]. Before doing this I thought it would be wise to discuss some of the main devices as a refresher for my [always need refreshed] seniors. The following is a dialogue that reminds me of the moments that will keep me sane as a teacher:

Miss Carroll [that's me]: What's a simile?

Random Student A: A comparison ...

Miss Carroll: A comparison of two unlike things...correct...using what words?

Random Student B: LIKE or AS!!

Miss Carroll: Exactly. Good.

Miss Carroll: What is a metaphor?

Random Student C: Cows to roam...

Miss Carroll: ...wha.......ohhhh.....what's a meta-phor...

Other Students: huh? i don't get it....

Miss Carroll: What's a meta-phor...a meta-for?.....a meadow-for? Cows to roam in...a meadow...get it?

laughter. mayhem. chaos.

Only in Iowa :) I thought it was pretty clever.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Actually, I got it right away. Must be because I'm an Iowegian.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey,
I just wanted you to know that I read your blog often and enjoy it a lot! Many of your posts make me smile through my tears. Keep it up. (I think you'll be a wonderful teacher!) See you in June!

Love, Aunt Lois