One man's junk...

You all know the saying:

One man's junk, another man's treasure. Well today, like so many other days, I was reminded how true this statment is. After school today I went to the local thrift store [This is actually a really neat store-- 100% of the proceeds go to buying bible's for Haiti]. I always want to make sure that I have suficient time to survey all the "goods."

Today was a pretty decent sweep. I found a basket to keep my programs in at the wedding. I'll tie some ribbons on the handle and it will work as a nice holder and will fit the outdoor theme.

I also found a super cute Old Navy coat for a little fellow I babysit. It is navy blue courdorouy with a gray fleecy lining and double brested buttons. Very stylish for a 10 month old. I brought it over to his mom tonight and she loved it! [I brought it over before I took a picture...]

I also found a 25 cent frame to surprise my roommates with--- we love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. [the t.v. show] and watch many an episode a day [although I happened to give it up for lent currently, harder then it sounds :)]. Anyway, if you are familiar with the show you may remember the fancy picture frame that Monica keeps around the peep hole in her apartment. Well, this makes due for us-- my roommates loved it :)

The rest of my purchases were books-- I figure that any good english teacher keeps her shelves stocked. I found a neat old copy of Huck Finn, The Pearl-- by Steinbeck, The Great Gatsby [which I still can't believe I haven't read...now I can, for 50 cents]. I also found a neat, old "Webster's Dictionary for boys and girls." I thought this would be cute on a shelf, or to put in a future child's room-- I always liked looking through stuff like that when I was little.

And last but not least I found---------drum roll---------- a copy of my dad's favorite book [well, one of his top five: a few of the others would be 1776, The Journals of Lewis and Clark, When Character Was King, ...etc] okay back on track, the book I found: Centennial, by Mischner. This book is 1086 pages long [small print]. Dad told me that if I read it he would pay me $25 dollars. I was young and unexpereinced and fell asleep on the first page [a very detailed description of the landscape...yipee]. However, I saw it on the shelf today and I just had to pick it up. I figured a]I needed it in my collection because of it's nostalgic value and b] i really do hope to read it someday and cash in on the $25 dollars [and of course reap the benefits of reading the wonderful stories of the West, Dad :)]

I passed up a few other items but felt like all in all it was a good day at the thrift store. I always look forward to the random bits and pieces, and finding the occassional "steal." Afterall, one man's junk is another man's treasure!

[by the way: I'm looking for a couch-- not huge, not a love seat..... check the thrift stores near you! :)]


Anonymous said...

You certainly look excited about Centennila - I think you're thinking about the $25!


Kali said...

Unbelievable. That's all I can say. Please give me the cliff-note version when you're through.

Anonymous said...

OK , so I'm the last to know.

Way to go kels.
Kali will want a full report I am sure.