Baby Bump 3: Week 29

did you notice my socks don't match? cause they don't.

Dear Baby,

The last week in our twenties! How is that possible? This week was tough on me. I developed some new aches and pains and didn't feel great at the beginning of the week. I just can't do as much as I'm used to being able to do. And leg cramps at night are coming back. And not being able to get comfortable when sleeping. It was just tough. But you're still healthy. And we have ten/eleven weeks left and we can do this, baby girl! 

You are all out rolling and kicking me in the ribs and just doing your thing in there and it's my favorite. Even though these last months are more uncomfortable, I love how big you feel and how much easier it is to picture you on the outside, in my arms. Blythe has felt you kick her when she's sitting on my lap and she'll look up at me with big eyes. She also noticed that you "pushed my belly button out."

Your sister also got sick this week. I just hate it so much. I hate that she's miserable and I hate that there is so little I can do. So I hold her. I pray relentlessly for her. And as I was holding her and you kicked and squirmed I thought about how I'll do this for you some day too. I'll hate it for you. I'll hold you. I'll pray for you. But you'll have to go through it. And in your weariness and sickness and weakness, God will hold you in ways I can't. If I've learned anything about parenting it's that God is a far better parent than I can ever be, and there will be many times I will have to re-release you into his care and into his arms.

We now will be going to our doctor every two weeks. I always feel like when we get to this point it's really game time. And so here we are, at the end of a month, at the end of another of our 40 weeks on this journey together. And I love you so much. More and more every day I'm ready to hold you.

Love, Mom

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