Baby bump 3: week 27

 For this week's viewing pleasure, I give you 9 o'clock at night in sweats: 

Dear baby,

You are moving and grooving now… or maybe you're just a lot bigger and I can feel you more now, either way I don't mind too much. It has made for a few uncomfortable nights, but I always remind myself that I am so grateful it is you in there.

I have felt like I've had twenty pound bags on me, just weighing me down, begging me to sit and rest and sleep. I've obviously had to do more throughout the days this time around, as your sisters don't want to give me the day off. The other morning I crawled in bed with Blythe after she woke up, hoping she'd take a hint and rest a little longer. She told me it was time to get up and so I told her she could just be in charge for the day. She said, "Littler girls can't take care of everything. We can't reach stuff." So I had to get out of bed to reach stuff all day.

Your dad returned safely from Haiti, and we're all glad to have him back. We were just talking about how when you girls all get older we would love to take a trip like that together. How neat it will be to get to watch you girls love and serve and learn from another culture and people; to get to see that God is the same in Haiti as He is here.

Oh girl. I'm starting to dream more about you. What you'll look like. What you'll be like. Will you like music like your sisters? Will you like to draw pictures on a blank piece of paper, or will you prefer to color in pictures already printed in a coloring book? Will you love to be outside? Will you talk early? Walk early? [My guess on the last two is probably and highly doubt it, if you follow the patterns set before you]. Will you love Jesus early? Will you be a good sleeper? [Please Lord, let her be a good sleeper]. So many unknowns and yet I know this with all my heart: we will love you as we learn who you are.


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