Baby Bump 3: Week 25

Dear Baby,

It's a new year, and it's the year that you'll be joining our lives. People asked me what my new year's resolutions were and well, if I'm being honest getting you here is the highest on my priority list. Which will be happen in three short months. I'm starting to think more about your arrival, as both of your sisters' were fast and furious. I wonder if you'll be the same? There is a part of me that is always a little anxious we won't make it to the hospital, but I'm praying you'll give me enough warning. 

You are moving so much more these days. I can put my hand on my belly and feel you roll. It's incredible. I still haven't got Blythe to sit long enough or you to kick at the right time for her to be able to feel you, but I'm looking forward to that day. She has changed her favorite name for you from Ariel to Aurora…but Becks has a hard time saying that so she thought maybe Dora would be better. I told her one time what your real name is and she said, "That's interesting." She wasn't fully paying attention I don't think or I would have never told her because I know she would tell everyone! 

I think my second trimester appetite is starting to slow down and that third trimester tiredness is starting to creep in. If I sit down or, worse, lay horizontal while playing with the girls I don't want to move at all. It takes a lot of motivation for me to want to get back up. I know that all of that tired just means your still growing, and that's all I can ask for at this point. 

I'm starting to dream more and more about my days with you; getting to know you and hold you and love you face to face. I'm sure our days will be chaotic, but I also know that every so often there will be moments of quiet and moments I want to bottle up forever. I can't wait to see what you add to our family, and how you teach me to love in new ways. 

Love, Mom

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