2016 Book List

I have had a lot of recommendations, plus books that just seem to always remain on my list because I can't get my hands on them! So my list for 2016 is from here and there and there is a wide variety, which I'm really excited about.

Plus, just this past week I went to Grandma Pat's house to look through her books and I discovered a treasure: tucked in a drawer was "a book lover's journal". She only had 37 entries, but it's given me 37 more times I can enter back into this book-discussion space "with her." Plus some of her comments made me laugh: "Didn't like it." or "Good but predictable." I have already read the first book she had an entry for [The Education of Little Tree] and I remember talking about it with her and it was such a good little book. I love the second entry pictured here as well: Date began: August 31. Date Finished: and she simply put " ". My kind of lady, finishing a book in the same day. All that to say, I haven't even added some books from this book to my list yet, but I will most likely be reading some of these this year as well.

Here is my list, in no particular order. And I didn't include all the authors just to save some time. If you're curious, just ask.

The Antelope in the Living Room
Sparkly Green Earrings
Let's All Be Brave
The Nesting Place
My Sister's Keeper
Lonesome Dove
The Boy on the Wooden Box
The Lightening Keeper
Calling Me Home
The Boys in the Boat
The Nightingale
The Red Tent
The Emerald Mile
Inside the O'Briens
To Say Nothing of the Dog
When Crickets Cry
Captain Corelli's Mandolin
The Secret History
I Am Pilgrim
The Mountain Story
The Girl on the Train
Irresistible Revolution
A Spool of Blue Thread
I Just Want to Pee Alone
Everything Else
From Tablet to Table
Nobody's Cuter Than You
Tuesday Morning
Just Mercy
Don't Give Up
A Star for Mrs. Blake
The Reason I Jump
Destiny of the Republic
The Book of Unknown Americans
The Beautiful Daughters
Big Little LIes
Marcelo in the Real World
Ordinary Grace
Everything I Never Told You
We Never Asked for Wings
Deep Down Dark
Hands Free Mama
Being Mortal
What Alice Forgot
Ava's Man
Thieves of Manhattan
Station Eleven
Shotgun Love Songs
The Long Knife
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
Black Eyed Susans
Her Final Breath
Hotel Moscow
Reluctant Midwife
The Same Sky
You Changed My Life
School for Good and Evil
The Vactioners
Fates and Furies
The Best Yes

That is 65. My goal is 52. I never read all the books on my list and I always read books that aren't on my list. But I'm excited about having a list this great and varied to begin with! Hope this helps you too if you're looking for something to read this year. 

Happy New Year! Happy reading! 


Jillian said...

Oh yes! Sparkly green earrings is very entertaining!!!

*carrie* said...

I definitely see some of my influence in this post. =) Enjoy!

I will say that I thought From Tablet to Table was quite boring, Would be interested to hear if you think otherwise.