Baby bump 3: week 26

remember that one time I thought I would take all of my bump pictures with a good camera and good lighting next to a brick wall? 
This week my three year old took them on my phone. 

Dear Baby,

Hey girl! I'm way behind on writing you this week, but here's the deal: Your dad was in Haiti this week, playing with some kids at orphanages over there, so it was just me and your sisters holding down the fort. I realized that I was already behind and really needed a picture, so I handed my phone to Blythe and she snapped these. 

This week one of my favorite things happened: I got to feel you hiccup for the first time. This is one of my favorite sensations, because it just makes you seem even more real to me. I can picture you in my arms hiccuping as I hold you. 

I'm also to the point that I have to gauge whether bending over is really worth it. I'm definitely way more sore all over this time than the previous two. My cousin just told me that when she was pregnant she would kick all the toys to the center of the room and just bend down one time to pick them up. This is genius! 

I'm entering the land of very tired again, but that also means the end is in site which is hardly believable! It was bitterly cold this week, and I found myself longing for spring again; a spring in which you'll be in my arms. I love you so much. 


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