Baby Bump 3: Week 30

Dear Baby,

This week had been much better. I've felt better all around and some of my pains from last week have subsided. But you know what hasn't subsided? Your movements! You are all over the place! I can definitely feel your feet up in my rib cage, which always makes me wonder how long you are and how big you'll be. Will you follow your sisters' leads and be teeny tiny?

I also feel like I've started nesting a bit. I want to get Blythe and Becks moved into their room they will share so that I can start making the nursery totally yours, and also start digging out all those baby clothes again. Which basically means at this point BOTH rooms are in a state of disaster. So keep hanging out in there for awhile!

Our doctor's appointment this week went well. Dr. C is definitely concerned about you coming too quickly, and she wants to make sure I have the best care. She wants me to consider an induction for this reason. Your dad and I are praying about it. It is very scary to think of you coming so quickly that we can't make it to the hospital, and as fast as your sisters came, I don't want to take that lightly. However, my deliveries have been, though terrifyingly fast and unfortunately without an epidural, quick and have gone smoothly. I don't want to mess with a good thing, either. It feels like a huge decision, but I know God is in control and either way He will be with us and at our side.

Just last night I looked at myself in the mirror and told your dad that I feel much bigger than I did last time, but then I laughed because I said, "Oh yeah! I'm 30 weeks!" It has gone so fast that I feel like I'm still 20 weeks, so obviously I think I look big when my brain hasn't caught up to the reality of how far along we are! And yet, I'm so ready for you to be here. I know, deep in my soul now, the utter joy of welcoming a new life and I look forward to it immensely with you.

Love, Mom

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Hannah said...

I'm just a tad behind in reading this for some reason, but my goodness. What a decision you have to make. I will be praying for you all to make the right one. I can see why your doctor would be concerned about a quick delivery, but like you said, you don't really want to mess with a good thing. Have you decided what you'll do yet? It is such a big decision, but I know you'll make the one that is right for you and your sweet girl. I remember having a hard time deciding what to do before Oliver was born, but God has a way of showing us what to do and giving us peace about it. Praying lots of prayers for you right now!