Baby bump 3: week 28

Dear Baby,

Is it just me or are the weeks flying be? And is it just me or are you non-stop moving and grooving in there? You're starting to jab in my ribs even and your rolls are like full on tidal waves. I love it. One time you made me audibly gasp this week because you kicked so hard. I know you're just gearing up for this third child gig and trying to make a name for yourself, but I hear ya ;)!

This week your dad and I got to go to a bed and breakfast that we love. We went there when I was pregnant with Becks too, and it's just nice to have some time and quiet to talk with each other and really think about what adding you to our family will look like. Obviously, on this side of things we don't have much of an idea, but we like to dream. Over some mexican food we were able to finally decide on your four traits: we've always picked four traits to pray for our babies, and it was high time we decided yours so we could start praying! We are now praying that you are humble, attentive, faithful, and generous. I'll write more in depth about these sometime so you know just why we pray these for you. We can't wait to see how God will use you in these areas.

I can still feel you hiccup from time to time, which I just love. We also had another appointment this week, which kicked off our every-two-week-visits now [how are we here already!] Your heartbeat sounded strong and I was measuring one week small. This happened with your sisters and the doctor said it could be because I have a long torso or because you'll be a small baby, but we'll keep an eye on it just the same.

We love you so much. I'm really ready to have you in my arms to hold and love. Blythe said she doesn't love you in my belly but will love you when you come out of my belly. Get ready for some full on love!

Love, Mom
taking belly pictures can get dangerous when Mulan/Ping is running around your house

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*carrie* said...

Struck by those traits, because the ones we've prayed for Naomi are faithful, humble and creative!