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Dear Everyone,

Please consider this a public service announcement. Do you know what is great about living in 2015??? Online grocery shopping.

I repeat: Online grocery shopping.


Yes. It is a real thing. And it is the best. Here's the scoop: I'm sure several places do this now, but near me that store is HyVee. They've always had great service and pretty great groceries, but I always thought they were a tad more expensive than other options. But then they offered online grocery shopping and they won me over.

So I shop from my couch. While the girls are asleep. Read: while the girls are not squirming in the cart or wanting food they see in every aisle. My girls have always done pretty okay at grocery stores, but when I would get to the checkout I was so overwhelmed. Unloading the cart, reloading the cart, keeping the occupied, getting the car, loading the car... whew. That was the really tough part. Not to mention it took up an entire morning since I have to drive at least 20 minutes for the nearest store. 20 minutes there, at least an hour shopping, at least 20-30 minutes to check out and load van, 20 minutes back, and then to unload and put it all away.

Online grocery shopping.

It was like Jesus said, "You know what? Grocery shopping is the pits. Here."

And so I shop online. And I spend the same amount as I did before because I'm not walking down the aisle and seeing things and throwing them in the cart even though they aren't on my list. And I can see the amount before I check out. And I can edit my cart if I don't want to spend that amount. And then I pull into the parking lot, I call a number, I wait a few minutes, and someone brings me my bags and I put them in the van. And then when I get home to unload them they are all packed according the sections: freezer, produce, cans etc. It is awesome. And it's free if I spend over $100. Which. Duh.

And I am kind of picky about produce and meat when I'm shopping, but they've done a great job so far.

No. This isn't a referral program. It's just something you should totally do. That's all. As you were. [Unless "as you were" is fighting through the grocery store.] 


Melinda Moss said...

I get very excited when I see a Hy-Vee. I've never found better quality at better prices, and the secret, I believe, is that they are employee owned. Something about ownership makes people so much.....nicer. :D

jenny said...

That sound AMAZING.