baby bump 3: week 20

Note: I had visions of only using my good camera and taking all my belly pictures in front of the brick wall in good lighting. That has happened once [the second time was a rushed job with not enough light] and the third attempt is an iphone picture at the end of a long day. But I'm trying. I didn't think I would crash and burn in my attempts to soon.
I was laughing so hard at Blythe during these pictures...

Dear baby,

The halfway point. It's always kind of a big deal to get here. However, this time it began with a little scare. I wasn't sure you were okay and when that happened I had to force myself to breathe deeply and calm down. It was in that time that I realized something I already subconsciously knew: my love for you is fierce and strong, and my ability to love another child just expands with you.

On the way to my appointment to make sure you were okay, I listened a song that said, " Father of light, you made us one; you poured out your love when you poured out your son." And in that moment I was reminded that I had a God who is a father, a parent. And He is holding us. When we got to the appointment it didn't take long to confirm all was as it should be and you were okay. Such a relief. Such a reason to give thanks.

This week was also Thanksgiving. So far I've been able to get buy without many maternity clothes, but maybe not after this week! :)We had a pretty low-key week, all things consider, but enjoyed some good time with family.

I think we already have your name picked out! We like to have it pretty narrowed down by the time we have our sonogram and I think we know the perfect one... at least we hope it's the perfect one. It seems like such a big decision, but I've learned that in the end, no matter what, you grow into it and it becomes you. People are already begging us to tell them or give them hints, but we'll stay strong and it will be our little secret until you're here. We just have to make sure Blythe doesn't pick up on it and blab it to everyone. So far she's had some interesting names for you, Twizzler being at the top of the list. Blythe wanted to read you a book this week. We talked about how you can hear our voices, and one day at nap time she asked if she could read you a book before I read hers, and then she leaned down and kissed my belly. It was a sweet moment. Becks will point to my belly and say, "baby" but I have a feeling you'll be a big surprise to her upon your arrival.

We love you!

Love, Mom

and now... my little photo bomber who was slap-happy right before bed time. 

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