Baby Bump 3: 21 weeks

terrible lighting, sorry. I went to grab my camera and it was dead so another iphone picture. boo.
Dear Baby,

I feel like 21 is a big week, because now we are on the downward climb of this journey of ours. I understand there is still a long way to go, but we have less on this end than when we began back in August. Incredible.

I’m starting to brainstorm some ideas for your nursery. Most of it will stay the same: same wall color and curtains and bedding that your sisters had, but I want to bring some other stuff in just for you. I will obviously display your name somewhere prominently so there is no doubt that it is now your room. Your sisters were both in our bedroom for a little bit: Blythe for one week and Becks for about 2 days [she was so loud! You’ll learn soon enough that she still is!], so you’ll stay with us for a short little while, but we like putting you in your own space quickly. For that reason, I want it to feel like your room.

When I think about that, about actually having a new little baby girl to lay in that crib, I can hardly believe it is a reality. Didn’t we just do that? Yes and no. Are we ready to do that again? Yes and no. I think a person is always only mildly prepared to become a parent, or become a parent again. There are so many unknowns. Obviously the first time it’s all brand new information, but even the second time I realized I was becoming a new and different kind of mother than I had been, because I had a new and different kind of child. Which makes me wonder what kind of mother you’ll bring out in me that I haven’t gotten to discover yet?

Speaking of being on the “downward” end of journey, I think this is my last week to make my non-maternity pants work. Time to bust out the full panel jeans. I’ve said this before though, and I will say it again: I do not mind the weight gain or the way my body changes during pregnancy. Truly. Sincerely. Sure, there are parts that are uncomfortable that I would like to do without, but I don’t mind watching my belly expand because it is you and it is this crazy reminder of the God we serve: He is a God of abundance and He gives life. It is a beautiful thing and I will never bemoan that.

I love you, sweet girl. Winter is officially here, so stay warm and I’ll try to drink plenty of hot chocolate and coffee for you :).

Love, Mom

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