Baby Bump 3: 22 weeks

Dear Baby,

Another week in the books! Good job. Christmas parties are underway and it seems like all the holiday food is pouring in already. And you and me? We don't mind one bit.  I do think I'm a touch bigger than I was last time at 22 weeks, but not too much. However, I definitely feel way more pregnant already.

You've been moving and grooving a lot more lately, especially when I am just still after I've been moving a lot. Blythe tried to feel you moving the other day, and she said she did, but I know she didn't because she didn't react at all when you jabbed a little. I'm excited for that first interaction between you two. She has also moved on from the name "Twizzler" and would like to call you "Ariel." She thinks it is a beautiful name and she keeps saying, "Blythe, Becks, and Ariel." Don't worry, that will not be your name.

As we move further into this Advent season, and closer to the celebration of the birth of Christ, I can't help but think about Immanuel, God with us. Being pregnant during this time is always a blessing, and it always makes me really think about Mary-- the normal fears she would have had just being pregnant, let alone knowing that she was carrying the Savior of the world. When he kicked and squirmed inside of her like you do now inside of me, was she moved to tears every time by the immensity of what was happening?

But that is how God chose to send his son, our Savior, to us. As a baby. The same way you will enter this world in a few short months. It's incredible. Birth is a miracle every time. And when you are born I cannot wait to whisper the truths about our Immanuel to you.

Love, Mom

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