notes to self: a review

For Christmas this past year my grandma got all of the granddaughters some socks. Now my grandma doesn't just give socks, she always finds the best of whatever she is giving. And she didn't fail this year! The socks read "I am blessed" across the toes, and said BLESSED along the bottom. I had never seen anything like them, so I checked out the tag immediately: Notes To Self. The tag read: Positive affirmations are phrases that we say to ourselves to build confidence and train our minds. They work on the subconscious, which is most receptive early in the morning and late at night. At those times, notes to self products are there, improving your thoughts, actions, and performance...

I got home and put them on immediately. I don't know about you, but I think comfortable socks are about one of the best things ever, and these were some of the best socks I had had on in a long time. [The last pair that was this comfortable that I had worn was some fancy schmancy pair that Brent got me when he worked at Dicks.] So they were comfortable and reminded me I am blessed? I was sold!

I immediately checked out their website. I read their story, about how the founder/creator, Laura, dreamed up the idea of creating a product to remind people of the power of positive affirmations, and I knew I wanted to share their products with you guys.  The $10 price tag made me cringe just a bit, but they are seriously the most comfortable socks [they grip your foot in all the right places, ya know?], and they are a business that is still getting off the ground a bit, AND they are so cool that I think they are probably worth that!

I have actually been wanting to write about this sooner, but I kept waiting until my socks were clean so I could take some cool pictures...but  I never wanted to take them off to wash them. So I decided to grab the pictures from the website-- and plastic feet look way better than mine anyway! Laura generously sent me some other pairs to test out, so I could make sure the comfort level wasn't just a fluke, and I can assure you it was not! I haven't worn any other socks. And I go sock-footed all day everyday. [And you better believe I have crammed them in my Sperry's, even though you all told me it was a faux pas. ]

Check out how great these are:

Laura sent me the "great mom" socks in black, and I rarely wear black socks, but I'm glad she sent them because I feel like a better mom when I don't see my white socks getting crazy dirty on the bottom from my dirty floors ;)

There are some cool customer stories on their website about different socks. Several woman have shared about receiving the pink "I am Strong" socks as a gift to wear during chemo treatments, and how they would look at the positive note on their toes. I think that's awesome.

Graduation is coming up and I think these would be a fun pair to throw in for your graduate!

They have so many options: strong, blessed, grateful, thankful, kind, smart, courageous, awesome, creative, great mom, great dad, I love Grandma, I love Grandpa, I love you forever. 

And they even have infant and toddler socks! Would Becks not be killer in these? And how true. What a blessing that little lady is in our lives. 

And the perfect [gripper!] pair for Blythe: I am joyful! How perfectly fitting since that is not only what her name means, but also one of the traits we pray for her. 

The options are endless: crew cut, low-cut, infant, toddler, xs to xl! And be sure to check out their site because they have a few other products as well.  If you spend $59 plus, you can get 10% off with the coupon code SOCKS4EACHDAY. They also have a facebook page to check out.

I think these would make THE BEST gifts for just about any occasion.

Check them out and show your feet some love!

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