Thank you for all your kind comments and added stories on my last post. 

I have decided stickers are the worst and best thing that have happened to me lately. Nothing can simultaneously keep Blythe more occupied, while creating a never ending scavenger hunt for me.

I have found stickers everywhere:
the walls
the door frames
the windows
the counter
the crib
the highchair
the toilet
the remote
in Becks' mouth
on Becks' back
on my socks
in my shoes
in the washing machine
in the dryer
in the car
on my pillow
no my coat

You name it, it has been stickered around here.

I now have to do a 360 in the mirror before leaving the house to make sure I don't have twelve stickers on my behind or in my hair.

I figure stickers are pretty cheap, and they come off [most] things pretty easily [and for the rest there is goo-gone]. So I let her peel and press those stickers pretty much anywhere she can reach. Most days I do a round up at the end of the day and unstick and un-peel and un-decorate our walls and windows and counters.

I kind of hate them. And I kind of love them.

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