how my brain works

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If you are a woman or know a woman closely, you know our brains can be scary places. They never stop. Can't stop. Won't stop. It's a party up in there all the time. Don't believe me? Here are some thoughts from today:

/ While at the Doctor's office my brain was circling pretty fiercely: I wonder how often they clean the waiting room toys? I should ask them how they clean them/ if they clean them. Surely they clean them. Oh my word what if they don't clean them? There is hepatitis C on this couch, I'm sure of it. This doctor is a baby-freaking-whisperer. I wonder if he thinks I'm doing something terribly wrong? He just said "poo poo" like it was a totally normal thing to say. What leftovers do I have in the fridge to feed Brent for lunch? 

/ While driving through the parking lot the car in front of me stopped to let someone walking pass, and the man walking did the whole wave-awkardly-walk/run/skip/gallop-to-make-it-look-like-I'm-moving-faster: No one actually moves faster that way, do they? And why do people cut diagonally in front of you, like it's quicker than walking straight across? And why do we all make such funny faces when someone lets us cross? I wish it were Spring. And wouldn't walking normally be quicker than that newborn calf thing we all do to appear we are moving faster? 

/While writing this post: How do my fingers know what they are doing without me even thinking about them while I type? Ha- [remembering Blythe approaching me two weeks ago and saying, "You're a good typer, Mom."]. How do I get Blythe to nap normally again. There are stickers everywhere in my house. This chocolate is amazing. What did I just type?  

See what I mean? It's a nonstop party. I see one thing and my brain just shoots off in a million places and most of the time I'm thinking of more than one thing. I was once reading a book out loud to Brent while we were driving and I kind of chuckled at something [ we weren't at a funny part] and he asked what I could possibly be laughing at. I told him of what I had thought about. "While you were reading?" he asked. Yep. "Do you remember what you just read?" Yep.

We are amazing creatures aren't we.

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Hannah said...

Just this morning we were at the library and there was a little table with blocks on it for kids to play with. Emerson was so excited and sat down to play. The one thing I kept thinking was, "how many hands touch these blocks? are they clean? do they ever clean the blocks? I'm sure there are a million germs living on those blocks right now, and Emerson is touching them. When can I bathe his hands in hand sanitizer?" Over and over ... we were only at the table for maybe three minutes. After we left the table I had that same circle of thoughts going through my head until I was able to give him some hand sanitizer ... it wasn't soon enough. sheesh. But you're right, the brain does not stop.

*carrie* said...

preach! =)