photos in the snow

As if I weren't already excited to take pictures of this beautiful child, her parents wanted to do them in the snow! Which I've always wanted to do. Remember these? Clearly I'm up for taking pictures in the snow! 

But enough talking already. Look at this doll of a two year old: 

It was cold. She was a champ. And I want to steal her. Which is saying a lot since my home is already well stocked with girls. :)

Several people have asked my prices lately,  and here is what they are currently: 
/ For a child/newborn session, two kids or less: $100/
/Engagement session: $100/
/Maternity session: $100/
/For a family session, or more than two kids*: $150/
/For multiple family session [i.e. grandparents who want entire families etc] : $175/
These prices include up to an hour session a full rights to all edited images. 
*I hate that I have to charge you more just because you have more than two children because I have witnessed larger families being "discriminated" against in settings they shouldn't be, but it takes a lot more time to pose and edit for more than two children, so that's why I have to do that. 
Please feel free to contact me though if you have any questions and/or $ questions. I would love to work with you and see what we can come up with! 

And check out the bottom of my post from Monday for a little deal that's ending soon :)
If you're around here today, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine...and the bitter cold. 

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