9 months of Becks

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her hair had been in her first ponytail right before we took these :) 

these lips, all the time

Weight: ? Less than 20. She has an appointment this week and then I will know. 

Clothes and Diapers: I just packed away all of her 6 month clothes and most of her 6-9 month as well. 9 month is fitting her just about perfectly. Still in size 3 diapers. 

Eating: Okay. This is a big deal. We have changed a lot in the last month and I couldn't be happier to say that we are now only nursing THREE times a day! I cut the early morning one out at the beginning of the month, and just last week we cut out the last one of the day. Big deal. HUGE. We are one step closer to being done! Woohoo! She is still loving eating real food and I just know she would love a mouth full of teeth because she wants everything we are having and will eat just about anything. 

Sleeping: Still taking two naps, one is always longer than the other and it just depends on the day as to which one that is. She goes down for the night at 7. Which seems super earlier but she just can't last much past that. And then we cut out that 5:30/6 a.m. feeding and she sleeps until 7:30 now and sometimes 8. A very good month of progress in the sleep and feeding department. 

Accomplishments/ things to note:

/ she finally is rolling around in her crib and I walk in to find on her stomach and pushing up, but she still prefers to sleep on her back. 
/ she reaches so far out for toys while she is sitting that a lot of times she topples over and then rolls around a bit. 
/ still gives those puckered-lip kisses and it's the best. Brent and I look like fools trying to convince her to give us one. 
/ she's been fussier in the evenings [after 5 or so] but this is the witching hour for all children, is it not?
/ we had our first night apart when I went to a women's retreat with my church. She still isn't taking a bottle but Brent managed to mix some milk in some cereal and she was content and happy and slept for him. I know some women struggle with that first time leaving their kids over night, but...can I say this?... I don't. I was happy to get back to them, obviously, though. 
/ she is getting a little feisty when Blythe takes something or looks at her funny or she wants something and can't reach it. There is some fire in her, that's for sure. 
/ she took her first trip to Springfield/Joplin and her first time to Aunt Ceann's and Aunt Beth's. The weather was remarkably warm and it was such a good trip. 
/she figured out how to pick up puffs and other small pieces of food off of her tray. This is a BIG deal. I can now cook a meal and fill her with puffs. 
/ she is still one of the sweetest little humans I have ever known. 

Blythe: You hold me and Dadda will take a picture.

How is my first baby almost three? 

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