four months of Becks

month ONE
month TWO
month THREE

she always clenches her little feet and toes together like this

Weight: This is why I waited a couple days to post; I was waiting for Becks' official appointment so I could report: 12.68 lbs. Let's go ahead and call it 13, shall we? 

Clothes and Diapers: We are all over the place with clothes. Some 0-3 stuff, mostly 3 month, a few small 6 month stuff that fits her loosely. She's still in size 1 diapers, but I think size 2 will happen soon-ish. And might I add here, I have yet to buy a single diaper for her? People were so generous at our showers back in the spring and every time we run out I simply go to the closet and get another package. It's incredible. I have a couple packages left, and this blessing is not lost on me, so thank you for those that have contributed. 

Eating: Still can't complain here. She eats 5 times a day. The late one is already seeming more and more unnecessary for her, which seems crazy. I'm a little hesitant to drop to 4 already, so we will stick at 5 for awhile. She is having to take more bottles now that softball has picked up, and she likes her bottles very warm and if the temperature doesn't suit her she lets you know. If it gets the least bit cool, Brent has to reheat it. I hate the word diva, but… [I wrote this about 4 days ago: so UPDATE: she is fighting the bottle completely now! We are working on some solutions to this, I'll update soon but it's been a bit stressful]

Sleeping: She started to fight the swaddle and would break free and wake herself up, or she would get really mad and wake herself up. So we decided to set her free! About a week ago we started to just swaddle her legs and gave her a "magic" blanket like Blythe's. We went through a rough day and a half. The night was, well, we didn't sleep. But the next night? The next night Becks proved she is amazing yet again and she slept! Partially unswaddled! Her morning nap is usually less than an hour, but her afternoon nap is 2-3 hours. Her evening nap is a half hour to an hour. And then she goes down for the night after 7….before 9. Somewhere in there. Depends on our day. She has started waking up at 4 every morning, but we can usually settle her back in and she sleeps until 7/8. 

Blythe on right at 5.5 months. I don't see much resemblance in this one. 

accomplishments/ Things to note:

\she likes her pacifier again [usually-- unless we have recently tried to give her a bottle, then she refuses it]
\ she smiles much more willingly now, and immediately smiles at Brent 
\ she laughed for the first time at Blythe when Blythe was saying, "Ya-ba-dab-a- dooo!" to her
\ Rolled from back to stomach for first time on August 25th.
\ Rolled from stomach to back on August 28th.
\ I still won't say she's "rolling over". It takes a lot of coaxing.
\ She and her sister are getting along very well with Katie, their babysitter that comes for about an hour everyday during softball season
\ favorite story: at her doctor's appointment: Blythe had to come with us and I was a little concerned about how she would react to Becks getting her shots. I warned her that they would makes Becks cry a little, but that she could help her feel better. As soon as the nurse gave her the shots [I'm always amazed at how quickly they can do it!], Becks started screaming, tiny little tears trying to push out from her squeezed lids. Blythe popped right over, took her hand, and started singing, "Stop your crying, it will be alright. Just take my hand and hold it tight. I will protect you from all around. I will be with you, don't you cry..." The sheer velocity of that moment about knocked me over. I've never been one to cry when my kids get shots, but I about lost all control when those little hands intertwined in my lap. 

It is non-stop affection from Blythe. "No, mama. Don't feed her!  I need to kiss her!"

Joan let me borrow this sweet bonnet and outfit from Brent's sister's old stuff. 

This picture is dark but I still think it is precious

her eyes kill me! 

left to right, top to bottom: one month, two months, three months, four months

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