an incomplete list of small pleasures

/ scented markers
/ pudgy baby hand dimples
/ Kohl's cash
/ the first green in the spring
/ cars that start when you turn the key
/ your two year old singing
/ vacuuming
/ Yankee Macintosh candle
/ the first trees changing color in the fall
/ when your daughters nap at the same time
/ supper with your family
/ the sound of a softball popping in a glove
/ writing with pen and paper
/ the first snow fall
/ reminiscing
/ having a solid chunk of time to read a book
/ making cookies with your daughter
/ the smell of a baby's head
/ running water
/ the sound of a keyboard
/ a big backyard
/ laying by the pool on a hot summer day
/ quiet time in the Bible
/ an evening with good friends
/ hanging out with your husband and enjoying it
/ a bookstore
/ drinking coffee with a good friend
/ spending time with your sister
/ creating
/ being covered by a canopy of trees
/ oreos and whole milk
/ good pens
/ your children's laughter
/ road trips with your husband
/ ice cream cake ;)

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Hannah said...

I love everything about this. I love making lists like this one, I really ought to do it more often.

Brent said...

so hanging out with me AND ENJOYING IT...as apposed to what :)

Am I not always enjoyable to hang out with...jk, sometimes I find myself boring too.

I forgot about scented markers!

Brent said...